Croatan Sound


This estuary is located in Dare County, North Carolina just to the west of Roanoke island.


The Croatan Sound serves as a scenic attraction. Many people go to it to relax and experience nature.


Many birds such as cormorants, pelicans, libises and even egrets and herons can be found here. And due to it being a marsh before it is bordered by woods of pines.

What Feeds It

The Croatan Sound was formed from the closing of the Roanoke inlet. This caused nine rivers that flowed from Albemarle to the west of the Roanoke Island forming the Croatan Sound.


Pollution, erosion and sedimentation are big threats to all sounds. with erosion and sedimentation sediments settle in the sound covering the bottom of the sound. Perhaps the biggest threat is pollution. The pollution in sounds harms many of the animals and fish that inhabit the sounds.
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