Holy Ascension of Christ

January 2023

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St. John of Kronstadt on Nativity

“The Nativity of Christ.—He has come upon earth, He Who in the beginning created us from earth and breathed His Divine breath into us; He has come Who “giveth to all life, and breath, and all things” (Acts xvii. 25.); He has come, He Who by a single word called all things visible and invisible from non-existence into existence, Who by a word called into being birds, fishes, quadrupeds, insects, and all creatures, existing under His almighty providence and care; He has come, He Whom the innumerable hosts of Angels continually and joy. And in what humility has He come! He is born of a poor Virgin, in a cave, wrapped in poor swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger. Riches, honours, glory of this world! fall down, fall down in humility, tearful devotion, and deep gratitude before the Saviour of men, and share your riches with the poor and needy. Do not pride yourselves on your visionary, fleeting distinctions, for true distinction can only be found in virtue. Glory of this world! learn here, before the manger, your vanity. Thus, let us all humble ourselves; let us all fall down in the dust before the boundless humility and exhaustion of the Sovereign of all, of God, Who has come to heal our infirmities, to save us from pride, vanity, corruption, and every sinful impurity.”

+ St. John of Kronstadt, My Life in Christ [paperback]


Please pray for our newest Catechumen, Leonard. We pray the Lord will guide and protect him on his journey to Christ's Holy Orthodox Church.

'Tis the Season!

Christ is born give ye glory.

Christ cometh from the heavens.

Meet ye Him.

Christ is on earth, be ye exalted!

Hymn the Lord all the earth,

And chant with gladness, O ye people,

For He is glorified!

Katavasia from the Canon of Nativity

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Troparion - Tone 4

Thy Nativity O Christ our God /

Hast shined the light of knowledge upon the world. /

For therein those who worship the stars /

Have been taught by a star /

To worship Thee the Sun of Righteousness /

And to know Thee the Dayspring from on high //

O Lord glory be to Thee!

From the Parish Council

In addition to our ongoing planning and preparations for remodeling our Iconostasis, we have a few projects for which we are gathering estimates. These projects include:

  • Hardwood floors for the Nave
  • New windows for the the church
  • WiFi for the hall with updated phone service

Our Evangelism Committee is also working on plans to increase our missionary outreach.

We need your continued prayers and support. Please consider donating and keep an eye out for special project appeals.

If you are interested in helping with projects and chores (large or small), please reach out to our church warden, Sasha Soubotin (el_cawa@hotmail.com), or our head sisters, Christina Roller (honeybees5959@gmail.com), Vicky Selznick (vmselz@icloud.com), and Stephanie Rindell (srindell@yahoo.com).

We wish you all a Blessed Feast of the Nativity and a Happy New Year!


FOR A DETAILED CALENDAR, visit our website: https://www.holyascensionofchrist.org/calendar

January 1 - Sunday of the Holy Fathers

January 6 - Eve of Nativity

  • Matins on January 5th at 6:30 pm
  • Royal Hours & Vesperal Liturgy at 8:00 am

January 7 - Nativity in the Flesh of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ

January 8 - Saints Joseph, David, and James

January 13 - Vespers at 6:30pm, Catechetical Class to follow (All are welcome!)

January 15 - St. Seraphim of Sarov

January 19 - Holy Theophany

January 20 - Vespers at 6:30pm, Catechetical Class to follow (All are welcome!)

January 22 - St. Polyeuctus of Melitene

January 27 - Vespers at 6:30pm, Catechetical Class to follow (All are welcome!)

January 29 - Precious Chains of St. Peter

Please note the following service schedule:

  • Vigil is served at 6:30pm each Saturday and before each Feast.
  • Hours and Divine Liturgy are served at 9:00am unless otherwise noted.