Mount Everest

The struggle is real

The youngest and oldest climber/ And one other climber

The youngest climber is 13 she is Indian. She made it on may 25 Just one month younger then an American boy who made it in 2010. Her name was Malavath Poorna. 81 year old Yuiochiro Miura makes it to the top. He was Nepalis. But does he stop at climbing mount everest NOOOO he is also an extreme sky diver. So he jumps out of air plains climbs mount everest and he's 81. Dani Arnold breaks the record for quickest ascent up the monition.

What they eat on mount everest and some other fun facts

Climbers are sapost to eat as much as they can because climbing makes you loose wait and if you don't eat you could die. so its basically eat or die. the food is transferred from a lot of different vehicles and evan a cupel animals like yaks. They mainly eat junk food like pizza, fuge bars,Pretzels and manny other fattening foods to make up for the wait they lost or will be loosing soon.

Different food's in Nepal and Katmandu

There food may sound grose and weird to many Americans but it is normal to them and are food may sound weird to them. Take pepperoni pizza for example it's normal to use But to them it might sound just as weird as Rasbirie milk balls sounds to us. Differnt foods Rasbirei milk balls, Chocolate burfie, Aloo Tareko, Aaluratama. Those are just a few but there are a lot more.

Random facts about everest And The struggles

It is right in between China Nepal. There are over 200 bodies on mount everest. George and Andrew made a final summit attempt on June 8th but never returned leaving there death a mystery. There are plenty of quays people die on everest like frezing not eating or drinking enough pushing themselves to far up the mountain Not aclime atizzing. They were last seen verey high on the mountain meaning they were eather the first o reach the top. Their bodies were found later very high up the mountin by aneather climber. The real question is did they make it to the top and start coming dowen but there hart gave out or did they just not make it the world may never know. The struggles There is always they ovist fact that the air is so much thiner, It is 29,029 higher then sea level which is what we are on, You might n ot want to aclimatize. They slep whith big mask on there face puping o's in there lungs.

What words mean

Aclimatize- climb high sleep low

o's- oxengn in a tank climbers use

Sea level- the ground air is different higher up is thiner air

mes tent- were climbers eat

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