Daily Deals Can Help You

No Cost To Advertise & Bring In New Customers

It's Simple

1. Pick an item or gift card you would like to discount

2. Set your pricing plan: Loss Leader or Break Even

3. Pick your date

4. Plan your rewards promotion

How it works

1. We offer your deal to our clientele with at least a 50% savings from retail

2. They purchase the deal from our website

3. You only incur cost for redeemed deals (About 1 n 5 are not redeemed before expiration.)

4. We split the revenue from the deal with you

  • You receive 50% of the purchase price less credit card fees
  • The only cost to you is a one time set up fee of $35 which is deducted from the deals sold.
  • You can expect a check for the deals once the credit card company is out of the charge back period. (About 30 days from the deal promotion.)

Why Do Daily Deals

Here is a break down of the benifits

  1. Most business owners spend thousands of dollars to get people to notice them
  2. Traditional advertising cost have become more expensive and less effective
  3. Deals ensure that the consumers reached are also buyers
  4. Deals give you a chance to shine, you are able to reach a whole new audience
  5. Deals limit your risk. Traditional advertising gives no guarantees and many business owners report that entire advertising budget is spent with no absolutely no return

Daily Deals inc.

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