Journey to Heaven

Madelyn Bahlinger / 6th hour

My Life in the Present

Right now, in the present, my life is mediocre. When I say that I mean that my life is okay, it is good enough. My relationship with God is okay, my grades are okay, and how I live my life is okay. That is who I am now, in the presence, I am an okay individual. The thing is, however, I don't like being mediocre or okay. My dreams or passions in life are rodeo. I love to rodeo. Rodeo, is more challenging than what it seems to other people. It actually requires lots of faith and trust, good grades, and how hard you commit to it. Those are all things that I am "okay" at which, is why I am "okay" at rodeo. I am not always practicing to the best of my ability and whenever I do win I usually never take the time to thank God. Rodeo is not the only thing that will be benefited if I try to change my life around. My journey to heaven will be more successful if I try to complete my goals. Now, don't get me wrong Christ is very well present in my life, but it is now MY turn to put in the extra mile if I want to change my life and with that, my journey to heaven.

My Life in the Future

If I really try to achieve my goals, which are to strengthen my relationship with God, work harder in school, and go above and beyond with living my day to day life I feel that my life will no longer be mediocre and that my journey to heaven will be forever changed. If I don't change my ways I do not see my life being changed for the better. If I really try and put in the effort I feel that in 5 or 10 years my life can be completely changed for the best. In 5 or 10 years the person I see myself is (if i work toward my goals) a genuinely happy and God-filled person. What I believe my vocation is to be the type of person who makes a lasting impact on a person. Not meaning to sound conceited, but I just feel that I will be or that I am already the type of person who helps people get through a rough time or hard decision in their life. For instance, the best way I can describe this is in Chapter Three when the book says, "Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." (Prv 27:17). I feel that I should always try to help other people in any way that I can