Utopia Is Elsewhere

By: Abi Kindler

"Utopia means elsewhere" - John Malkovich

A utopia can not exist to a certain point, John Malkovich is saying that this world is so far off from a utopia, that the thought of this Earth being a utopia is out of this mindset. In Delirum and The Giver there is always an idavidual that thinks differently and goes against the government. A utopian society can not exist when a number of citizens do not think the same as the government.
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An individual's own thought can interfere with a utopian society. Utopias are difficult to form, not only form but difficult to get the citizens to think the same. For example, "'If they really want us to be happy, they'd let us pic ourselves,' Hana grumbles"(Oliver 20). Hana started thinking differently she started defying the thought prossess the government wanted the citizens to think by. In fact Hana keeps defying the utopia, "'A limited choice' she corrects me.'We get to choose from the people who have been chosen for us'"(Oliver 21). Hana does not go with all the others, she thinks about the simple life choices the people of the 21st generation get to make.

In the book The Giver Jonas recieves memories from the giver, Jonas can start to see color and feel different feelings. For example, "There could be love'"(Lowry 162). Jonas thinks of feelings other citizens would not have, Jonas feels pain that others would not. For instance heartbreak, "He killed it! My father killed it!"(Lowry 188). Hana and Jonas interferes with the utopia by thinking differently and questioning why the utopia is this way.

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A utopia can only exist if everyone believes in it. With different thought prosess comes different ideas. A utopia can only exist when people have the same mindset. When indaviduals start to feel or think differently, then does the utopia collapse.
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