CMS Media Center Update

Awesome Library Updates & Ways We Can Make Your Life Easier

Welcome Back!

It is wonderful to see everyone ready to start new year! I know everyone is extremely busy this time of year, but I hope you can take a few minutes to skim the rest of this newsletter to learn about what is new in the CMS Media Center. Also, you may find some of the services we offer will help you save time down the road. If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to ask Kathy Lawlor (Media Center Clerk) or Mary Crowley (Media Center Director). We are here to support you and the students in any way we can!

See you soon! --Mary Crowley, The Loud Librarian ;)

Overdrive Digital Library

Our e-Book library is up and ready to use, featuring close to $150,000 in fiction and non-fiction resources for our students and faculty. The library is aligned to common core, and our district curriculum, featuring many best selling fiction books also. Students and staff may begin using the materials immediately. The Overdrive login and password are the same as your main password used to login to your computers daily.

  • If you are familiar with Overdrive and have used it in the past, you can checkout of the CCSD146 digital library at:
  • If you are interested in a self guided Overdrive training please use the following prezi to learn about Overdrive: Overdrive also provides really easy to use help videos:
  • If you would like a more personal experience, I will be scheduling training sessions in the next few weeks. This will be an opportunity to earn some flex time.
If you have any additional questions please send an email or stop by the media center.

Media Center Digital Resource Information

Whether you're new to CMS or have been here for ages, here is a reminder of all of the digital resources available to your students.

  1. Britannica Online Encyclopedia- Login: ccsd146 Pw: learn
  2. IMAGE QUEST Database- Login:ccsd146 Pw: learn
  3. Ebsco Host- Login: ccsd146 Pw: learn
  4. Destiny Library Manager- look up the books in our school library at see Crowley/Lawlor for a login/PW
  5. Overdrive Digital Library Login: XXXXXX08 Password: Same as your network password

Help Us, Help You!

Mary and Kathy are more than excited to help you with all of your student learning and teaching needs. Here is a list of just some of the things we can do to help you:

  • Internet search strategy lessons
  • Information literacy (reliability) lessons
  • Research strategy instruction
  • Bibliography/Works Cited lessons
  • App and Web 2.0 ideas and help
  • Professional resource curation
  • Book recommendations
  • Reference resource location
  • Student research project assistance
  • Color printing
  • Laminating
  • Book Clubs
  • Prezi instruction
  • iMovie help
  • Internet safety instruction
  • Text book check out
  • Literacy Closet Books

And MUCH MUCH more!!

Stay Tuned

Please look for information about the following events and new CMS Media Center Features!

  • Teacher Self Check Out Kiosk
  • iPad Destiny Search Kiosks
  • QR Code Book Reviews
  • Teen Read Week Activities
  • Banned Books Week Activities


The first three people who email me will get a special prize in their mailbox! Thanks for reading!!