Culture of Botswana

The People

Botswana's population is about 1.56 million people, but the population is shrinking because of a high rate of HIV/AIDS infection. The government speaks English, that's the official language, but the second language. Religious is protected under the constitution, but Christianity is most likely the official language.


Greetings are important, if you don't greet someone its considered rude. To show respect when greeting, you shake with your right hand and support the other person's elbow with your left hand. Eating habits are between urban and rural setting. Most family meals involve eating from common bowls and plates.


The migration of young Botswana from their villages to urban areas really impacts the way they socialize. More than half of all couples live together rather than marry. Botswana historically lived in large villages with their agricultural and grazing land at distance. A fenced family contains a cooking area and a outhouse.