Growing the Minds of Young and Old

Ideas For Implementing The Growth Mindset

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog"

Mark Twain

Why the Growth Mindset?

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Creating The Context of Growth Mindsets In The Classroom

Professional Article from Elizabeth Stein, Sept. of 2014
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One Girl's Major Turn Around

"Ethel" is a junior girl who struggled with behavior and discipline issues through her 9th grade year. A number of teachers, myself included, "had had it" with her. We couldn't figure out what to do and neither could she. So, as her teachers, we banded together and began a campaign of seeking out the positive with her. Complimenting her on getting her assignments in on time, telling her how proud we were of her improvement on her scores, saying "Good Morning" to her as she came down the hallway at the bell. We focused on building her up instead of battling with her on the same old issues. Over time, we began to notice a drastic change in a very nice girl. "Ethel" began to smile more, come to school on time, not get into arguments with teachers, etc. She actually began to like school. I am one of her Class Co-Advisers. I had a chance to sit and talk with "Ethel" one-on-one during a shift in the concession stand. I asked her about her drastic change in attitude. She told me that when she was getting into trouble, she didn't think her teachers really cared. Now, she has seen that MOST of her teachers have been genuine with her and that she trusts them more. I ended our conversation with a knuckle bump and an "I'm very proud of you". "Ethel" teared up and said "it's nice to hear that and know that you mean it".

I wonder...did only "Ethel" have a major turn around?
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What will I do?

In order to promote a stronger Growth Mindset philosophy in my classes and on my teams, I will attempt to:
* Get to know my students and athletes, individually, better
* Focus on using strong positive phrases that promote small accomplishments leading
to larger goals. For example: Atta Boy or Atta Girl, Keep Up The Good Work, Awesome Job, Good improvement - You're getting there, This is excellent, not let's try this...
* Promote important people of different cultures and genders by hanging posters
around my room and integrating these people and their accomplishments into my
* Work more closely with students one-on-one to help them as they struggle and
challenge them as they succeed. For example: walk around the classroom and sit down with a student who appears to be struggling, Monitor a student who seems to catch on quickly to a concept and then present them with some tougher problems.