Raureka School Term 4 Week 7

Newsletter 30 November 2022


Kia ora koutou katoa, Talofa lava, Kia orana,

We are fast approaching the end of the school year with lots of different activities being organised.

Often we need to have parent support and we need to have parents who have been Police Vetted through school. If you wish to help out and be considered for these trips/ camps we need to have you fill out the Police Vetting forms which are available from the Office. You will need to bring in two types of identification and proof of your address. When the forms are completed and sent off we will get notification back and then you should be able to support our trips. The Vetting lasts for three years.

Junior Trips next week:

The Juniors are out and about next week having fun. Originally they were going to have their trip on the 6th but it was decided to break the trip into two separate parts. Each child should have brought home a permission slip. We need to have these back as soon as possible.

On Tuesday 6th December - Rooms 20, 21, 7 and 8 will head off at 9:15 and return to school around 2:00 p.m.

On Wednesday 7th December - Rooms 12, 13, 14 and 15 will do the same.

Have a great time.

Covid 19 is definitely around the Hawkes Bay If you or your family members get Covid, please follow these steps;

You must self-isolate for 7 days while you recover. Day 0 is the day your symptoms started or when you tested positive, whichever came first. Your Household Contacts do not need to isolate although they should test daily for 5 days and should wear a mask. If they contract Covid then they need to isolate.

Let's keep everyone safe and stop Covid once again.

Congratulations to all of the Seniors who took part in last weeks Inter School Athletics Sports.

I was told you represented us well and were a credit to Raureka School. Keep up the great work.

Remember to keep Thursday 15th December free as we will having our end of year assembly at 1:00 p.m. Parents are invited to be part of it so please come along and share in our farewell to our Year 6's and celebrate our achievements this year.

Remember the Change to the Start of year day to 3rd February:

In order to ensure that we are open for the correct number of days next year, school will open on Friday 3rd February 2023, this will be the first day for the children and the school year will finish on Wednesday 20th December.

Stationery will be available to buy from school on 31st January and 1st February, we will send the stationery costs out with the reports on Friday 9 December.

New enrolments can also be done on 31st January and 1st February next year.

Christmas Raffle:

Thank you to everyone who has been selling the raffle tickets- please remember to get these back to your child's class teacher as soon as possible.

Tickets are $1:00 each, proceeds are going towards shade sails by the hall. Raffle tickets need to be back at school by Monday 5th December, the raffle will be drawn on Friday 9th December.


Please remind your child to wear their school sun hat at school as the sun is very strong at the time being.

While we do not provide sunscreen, because of skin allergies etc, we recommend that all children apply sunscreen before school in terms 1 and 4. If you wish you can provide sunscreen for your child for them to apply during the day.

IMPORTANT - If your child is away from school -

Reminder that you need to PHONE OR TEXT the school know if your child is going to be away. Because of the current covid situation, it is essential that you let us know the reason they are away - eg coughing, headache, tummy bug etc.

You can phone 06 8789766 or text 027 557 0085 and leave a message.

Thank you for this, it is so helpful and we want to ensure your child is okay.

Have a great week


ERO Evaluation- excerpts from our latest report

We have been working with ERO over the last 15 months using their new approach to School Reviews. ERO has visited us on a number of occasions and requested achievement data from us. I have included most of the report for you to read. You can access the report on line.

I am very impressed with the efforts of our staff who are doing their best to try and meet the individual needs of the children.

This Profile Report was written within 15 months of the Education Review Office and Raureka School working in Te Ara Huarau, an improvement evaluation approach used in most English Medium State and State Integrated Schools.


Raureka school is in the Hastings suburb of Raureka and caters for students in years 1 to 6. The school’s vision: confident, connected, curious children who strive for personal excellence and values of respect/whakaute, responsibility/haepapa, relationships/whanaungatanga and resilience/pakari guide all aspects of the curriculum.

Raureka School’s strategic priorities for improving outcomes for learners are:

• to be culturally responsive to ensure all students needs are met

• for students to be actively engaged in all aspects of their learning

• to continue to develop a collaborative curriculum.

ERO and the school are working together to evaluate the extent to which literacy professional learning and development is enabling teachers to provide a needs-based writing programme to enhance student engagement, and accelerate achievement, particularly for identified target students.

The rationale for selecting this evaluation is:

• achievement data at the end of 2020 identified disparity for boys in writing, particularly Māori and Pacific learners

• the school identified the need to strengthen the writing programme to be more responsive to the needs of students, particularly priority learners.

The school expects to see consistent responsive teaching practice and enhanced progress and achievement ensuring equitable literacy outcomes for all.


The school can draw from the following strengths to support its goal to enhance writing outcomes for all learners, particularly Māori and Pacific:

• a well-established needs analysis process that monitors learners progress and achievement outcomes

• use of achievement information to inform professional learning and development decisions

• a collaborative learning culture that supports teachers to monitor shifts in practice as a result of new learning

• Māori and Pacific learners’ perception of themselves as learners is being enhanced through increased access and engagement in culturally responsive programmes.

Where to next?

Moving forward, the school will prioritise:

• using insights from evaluation to strengthen the responsiveness of the writing programme to meet the individual needs of all students, particularly Māori and Pacific

• embed a research informed literacy approach in years 0 to 2

• implementation and consolidation of teaching practices that are responsive to individual learners needs

• strengthening meaningful, educationally significant connections, communication,

and relationships with Māori whānau, hapū and iwi.

ERO’s role will be to support the school in its evaluation for improvement cycle to improve outcomes for all learners. ERO will support the school in reporting their progress to the community.

The next public report on ERO’s website will be a Te Ara Huarau | School Evaluation Report and is due within three years.

Values Certificate Winners

Our four values are :

Respect/Whakaute, Responsibility/Haepapa, Resilience/Pakari, Relationships/Whanaungatanga.

This week we are focusing on - Responsibility/Haepapa, - which means: look after yourself and those around you by being a committed, contributing member of society.

The expected behaviour during this week is: play safely.

The following children received awards at our last assembly:

R1 Ariella Duff, R2 Benji Jamieson, R3 Lucas Thompson, R4 Lucan Blackburn, R5 Brooklyn Harris,

R7 Paige Olsen, R8 Shyah Tito, R11 Tori Cahill, R12 Brooklyn Taylor-Brown, R13 Leah Searl,

R14 Nathan Kingon, R15 Hudson Khaira, R19 Olivia McConnell, R20 Charlie Barber,

R21 Mason Earl.

Senior Awards

R1 Harlee De Marco

R2 Khaleesi Wood

R3 Haydez Ngahuka-Dunn

R4 Skylah Renata


R11 Leighton Tapara-Halbert


Hello Room 5! What have you got to share with us?

What a fantastic final term Room 5 have had. It all started with our camp at Tutira. So many memories were made, fears and challenges faced.

Sport Results

Cricket -

Raureka/Twyford Stags v Mahora, Score: 130-120 POD: Ashton

Raureka Halbert's v Lucknow, Score: 32-40 POD: whole team

Raureka Davy's v Mahora, Score: 17-14 POD: Alicia


Tui v Te Mata, Score: Lost 6-0 POD: whole team

Kowhai v Frimley, Score: Won 7-1 POD: Milagros

Kereru v TKKM, Score: Won 7-1 POD: Layla

Volleyball -

Raureka Maccas v Mahora Bullets, Score: won POD: Jurnee & Sophia

Raureka Maccas v Raureka Siennas, Score: 78-47 POD: Spencer

Raureka Smiths v Taikura, Score: 55-45 POD: Drefan

Raureka Smiths v Pukehamoamoa, Score: 97-71 POD:

Raureka Siennas v Lucknow, Score: 50-21 POD: Aaysia

Raureka Siennas v Raureka Maccas, POD: Lily


Raureka Mavericks v Puketapu, Score: 6-1 POD: Charlie


Firecrackers v Flaxmere Bears, Score: 0-6 POD: Drefan

Roadrunners v Sherenden, Score: 7-4 POD: Skylah

Assassins v LN Dodgers, Score: 5-2 POD: Jessie

Aces v Mahora Sprinters, Score: 10-2 POD: Caesar

Lightning v MKK Gladiators, Score: 3-2 POD: Pippa & Annabelle

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday 6 December- Junior School Trip Rooms 7, 8, 20 & 21
  • Wednesday 7 December- Junior School Trip Rooms 12,13,14 & 15
  • Thursday 8 December - Cultural Show
  • Monday 9 Monday - Reports out
  • Monday 12 December- Yr 6 Social
  • Thursday 15 December- Final Assembly - starts 1.00pm
  • Friday 16 December Last Day of Year - 12.30 school finishes for the year
  • Tuesday 31 January & Wednesday 1 February - Office open for uniform & stationery sales
  • Friday 3 February - beginning of Term 1 2023

Other Notices

School Uniform – this is compulsory. No exceptions.

All children are required to have the school royal blue polo-shirt, royal blue hat, and on colder days the royal blue polar fleece jersey. All of these are available at the school office.

The lower half of the uniform (short, longs, skorts, skirts) must be plain black and can be purchased in town No stripes, no flowers etc, can

be purchased in town.

· Do your child’s records need updating?

  • moved house?
  • phone/cellphone numbers changed?
  • living arrangements changed?
  • emergency contacts changed?
  • medical details?

Medical Reminders

IMPORTANT: Children are NOT to carry any form of medication in their bags etc. All medication must be held in the office. Parents must complete a Medical Form to enable staff to administer medication.

We often have a few ‘bugs’ around the school.

· A common one is a nasty cough/flu type illness. Keep your children home if they have symptoms of this as it spreads easily.

· If your child has had vomiting or diarrhoea, they MUST stay home for 2 days after the last event. This illness definitely spreads quickly around the school.

· Headlice are always around so make sure that you check your child’s hair regularly (we suggest weekly) and treat the hair if necessary. We have treatments available from school for free. Just pop in and we can give you some.

· If your child is at all unwell, please keep them home so that they don’t pass bugs on to other children. Also if a child is feeling unwell they are not able to learn easily and are much better off at home snuggled up in bed.

Don’t forget to contact the school office to let us know when your child is unwell please.

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Hawkes Bay Youth Orchestra Community Concert for 2022

A Christmas Harmony

Date: December 10th

Concert time: 4:00 – 5.30pm

Venue: St Matthews (200 King Street South, Hastings)

Ticketing Info: Adult $10

Children $5

Pre-purchase tickets: email info@hbos.nz

Door sales: Cash only

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