1:1 iPad Management

App Store vs App Catalog

Why this change is possible

  • iOS 9 gives Airwatch the ability to hide the app store even
  • Previously, the app store showed up when the app catalog was being used, which opened "the door" for students to download any app they wanted
  • Because "the door" is now being closed, there is a lot of value in switching to the app catalog for middle school students

How does the App Catalog change how I do things

  • The regular app store will never appear for the student
  • Students can only get an app if it is in the app catalog
  • There will be issues that come up with app catalogs that don't work
  • It will take time to get all the iPads back with the standard set of apps
  • Once students get all the standard apps loaded, it will not take as long

Process for requesting an app

  • Request the app 2 days before you expect it to appear for students
  • Give the students 1 week to get it on their iPad
  • Students that cannot get the app to download will need to be given plenty of time to come to tech and troubleshoot the issue
  • Just because you request an app, doesn't mean it will be put in the app catalog

What actually has to happen to make the switch

  • Student has to be on iOS 9
  • Students have to back up anything they want to save
  • All content & settings is erased on the iPad
  • iPad has to be set up again for that student
  • Test an app to be assured App Catalog is working

Timeline for implementation--SUBJECT TO CHANGE

  • Between now and October 23 our offices are checking to see that all students are on iOS 9
  • The week of October 26-30 warn students to have everything backed up
  • The weeks of Nov 2-13 - window of making the switch
  • Do not make a lesson plan that requires you to use the iPad during this time period

Apps that will already be in the App Catalog

Games Discussion

  • Logic games
  • Educational games

What does it mean if you are telling students to back up their ipad

  • Any photos in camera roll need to be in Google drive
  • Depending on the app, does the app save it for you if you log out and log in again?
  • For some apps, you can save working copies into Google and then open them again.
  • Anything you save as a PDF to Google is not editable
  • The link below is on the MMS>Students webpage

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