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Our thoughts are with all of our friends and family in the Panhandle who are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Michael. This includes our Past President, Barbara Eubanks, and Treasurer, Cathy Starling, and the Beacon team who manages our website. Our website will be updated with current information when there is stable and consistent internet in the Panama City area. Members can contact President Alyson Adams in the interim.

Our Name

We are excited to announce our new name: Learning Forward Florida. This name change reflects our affilitation with the national organization Learning Forward. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Learning Forward and to serve our members in focusing on Professional Learning Standards and Impact; Leadership and Practice; and Advocacy and Policy.

Welcome New Board Members

Jennifer Chevalier

Jennifer Rouse

Paula Steele

Dana Williams

Linday Woythaler

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Learning Forward Florida (formerly FASD) Spring Forum

Date: May 7, 2019

Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm EST

Location: Virtual

Live viewing locations will be offered in the regions. Stay tuned for additional information.

FASD Fall Leadership Conference Reflections

Oceans of Opportunity: Renew, Reflect, Refine

The Fall Leadership Conference was packed with high energy local and national experts who shared information on Leadership, Professional Learning Standards, and School Improvement!

  • In the Keynote address, Dave Weber shared Leadership Redesigned: The 12X's for Success for Today's Leader. Click here for a recap of the principles.
  • The Florida Department of Education (Paul Burns, Eileen McDaniel and Jason Graham) led an interactive session where participants unpacked the new Florida Professional Development Standards. To clarify language and implementation of new policy, an additional session was added to address new state reading requirements for teachers by Heather Willis-Doxsee.
  • Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director of Learning Foward, delivered a rousing speech, motivating Florida professional developers to take an active role in policy change. Click here for a video showing Stephanie calling her senator to make her voice heard.

Learning Labs and Concurrent Sessions included:

  • 21st Century Digital Lesson Planning

  • The Potential of Instructional Data to Help Teachers Renew, Reflect, and Refine Instruction
  • I’m Spread So Thin You Can See Through Me
  • Marzano Learning Map, UDL Guidelines and Effect Sizes to Plan and Deliver Professional Learning
  • ACE: Where Alternative Certification Happens
  • Maximizing Job-Embedded Support Positions: Creating Structures for Data Collection, Reflection, and Goal Setting
  • Professional Teacher Leadership Academy: Transformation of Untapped Teacher Leaders
  • What Florida Educators Are Saying: The Measure to Learn and Improve Study
  • Edcamps: A New Wave of Professional Development
  • Ultimate Guide to Supporting Job-Embedded Coaching
  • High Tide: High Time to Provide Adequate Support for New Teachers
  • Powerful PL Strategies

  • Based on survey data, 95% of participants found the sessions met their professional growth needs, 94% of participants stated the session used effective instructional practices for adult learners, 94% of paricipants plan to use materials and resources provided to develop and deliver professional development, and 96% of participans can use the knowledge and/or skills learned in their work environment. At the Fall Board of Directors meeting in October, the board for Learning Foward Florida analyzed individual session results to inform future sessions. We appreciate your feedback.

Professional Reading

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About Us

FASD Mission

FASD builds capacity to establish, support, and sustain highly effective professional learning.

FASD Vision

Excellent teaching, learning, and leading every day.

FASD Beliefs

1. Effective and sustained professional learning is fundamental to student learning.

2. All educators have an obligation to improve their practice.

3. More students achieve when educators assume collective responsibility for student learning.

4. Successful leaders create and sustain a culture of learning.

5. Improving student learning and professional practice requires ongoing systemic and organizational change.

FASD is an affiliate of Learning Forward.