for sale roary the 2016 mlg car

For just 10 Doritios!

this car is the best even the illuminati cant see it

motto:Roary likes 2 go sanic sped
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Info about this sexy beast!

Have you ever wanted a car that is just so awesome you can buy if with doritos? Well this is that car! Meet Roary, the MLG race car, Roary is a special car, gas? PSHHH more like has-ell. This car uses Mtn Dew to run on so you can have all the gaming you need! It is equipped with butt warmers, face warmers, neck warmers, eyebrow warmers, foot spa, hot chocolate machine that never runs out, cookie machine, MLG Scent, and loaded with the finest of songs, including but not limited to "Speed Way Sanic", "Sad violin", "Darude Sandstorm", "Moonlight airhorn fanata." and many more! Roary is kind of like siri except better! If you ask him to dance he will, need to get to a funeral on time? Ask Roary to go Sanic speed! Forgot your kids at a cannibal convention? Roary can help! Just ask him to get some salt and pepper to give to those fine cannibals! Roary's top speed is faster than the speed of light so you can get anywhere on time!
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interior of ROARY

roary has an interior that people say is trash, but we made it scented with MLG pro mtn dew and doritos gatorade
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*WARNING* This car is meant for ages 50 years of age and up. Anyone under the age has the chance of getting arrested, decapitated, frozen in time for over 300 years, and even possible of giving birth to a komodo dragon. *DRIVING DISCRETION IS ADVISED*


Comes with my mixtape.

comes out 3022 but you can get it early with this purchase!$!$!$!$

  • "Warning" may cause rand explosions and may set car on fire when the hype gets to real!$!$!$!$!$