Friday, November 20th

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We've made it (perhaps not as gracefully as we would have hoped) through another week. It was a big one again with being fully virtual. Sitting in the cheap seats at the front desk, I have to say that am wildly impressed with how teachers, aids, kids, and families have rolled up their sleeves and jumped into the mosh pit of virtual teaching and learning. It's scary and full of unknowns once again, but you went anyway, head first, hoping for the best. And for that, I have a mountain of respect.

Parked at the Winkler front desk while students are away, I am selfishly feeling a bit lonely despite the usual work needing to be done. COVID 19 has, with mind-boggling speed, created a true feeling of loneliness with quarantine orders, closings, physical distancing, and changes in social habits.

Thanks to Dr. Maslow, the need for human connections is proven scientifically to be as critical as food, water, sleep, clothing, and shelter. We claw and fight for the standard five, but why not as much for human connection? Is it that the pains of missing food, water, and shelter are so strong that going without becomes quickly obvious and unbearable? And yet, the pains of being physically and socially distant are not as visible on the body until finally, the wheels come off flying off the bus and you become that cringy hot mess that we swear we would never be. These can show up in some pretty unbecoming ways such as carelessness, anger, fear, sadness, hysteria, etc... I could go on for days as I have had some experience in them all, I think.

So, what do we do about it when we feel like so much is out of our control? That's the million-dollar question, right? Here's what we do: Beg, scrape, claw, and fight for connection any way you can. Sounds really hard, but in reality, it can be pretty easy. We just have to be even more creative than before. It's time to get back to our roots, old school style. Make those personal phone calls instead of text. Send a card or letter via snail mail, because who doesn't love getting something in the mail other than bills and crummy catalogs? Take a walk outside, around the block, or in the woods to connect with fresh air and dirt and trees (yes, even in the cold). Make that scary eye contact in the dreaded grocery isles because that's all we have left to show as our faces hide behind those tired masks and we are all going through this together. COVID can NOT be spread through smiling and.... little known factoid....smiling and laughter boost our immune systems!

The holidays are close enough to touch, yet we are seeing our long-awaited plans flying out the windows about as fast as our heat. We need to take action and critically tend to the basic needs of our community; food, water, clothing, and shelter. Let's not forget to care for those around us and ourselves by connecting in kind ways, supporting each other, and cheering on our teachers, kids, friends, and families for swan diving into the mosh pit of virtual learning even if we land on our faces. We are brave, strong, and we can do hard things even when we are scared and tired. Winkler School and BASD are always here to help when the going gets too tough to handle.

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing weekend.

Mrs. Busch

BASD Community Resources

BASD staff has compiled a gigantic list of Community Resources if you find your path getting too bumpy.

Check them out by clicking on the link or call Winkler School at 262-539-2726 or the District Office at 262-763-0214


The Winkler School Office will be open during our Virtual Learning period from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm on Weekdays. We will be closed from November 25th - November 27th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.


Below are a few pictures of the happenings at Winkler this week. Teachers and aides are busy on Google meetings, planning lessons, cleaning, reshelving books, taking inventory, updating technology, redecorating, and organizing. We are anxiously waiting for students to return.


WHO: Any family in the community with children under 18 years can pick up meals during the virtual learning period. ALL students in the community (Traditional, Montessori, JEDI, Homeschool and Parochial)

WHEN: Beginning Thursday, November 12, then, Monday and Thursday from 4-5 pm (except the week of Thanksgiving when the meal pick up will be on Wednesday instead of the holiday)

WHERE (two locations):

Waller Elementary (195 Gardiner Ave.) - in the parking lot at the student drop-off/pick up location.

Burlington High School (400 McCanna Pkwy) – parking lot side at Door #17


Monday: 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches

Thursday: 4 breakfasts and 4 lunches

NO sign up.

Children do not need to be present.


Let's have some fun during your Google meet times on Monday and Tuesday!

Monday - Hat Day: Wear your favorite had during your meetings.

Tuesday - Pajama Day: - Stay in your jammies for your morning meeting or all day!


Did you know that BASD has a new mobile app? It's pretty cool and connects you to all things school-related no matter what school your child attends. Click on the link below to get started!

BASD App - Stay connected with news, calendars, quick links, menus, directories, and even a tip line.

Skyward also has a Mobile App. Click on the link to learn how to set it up.


Here is a clever video showing how our protections against COVID, colds, and flu (handwashing, masks, distancing, and staying home when sick ) aren't perfect, but together they can work well against preventing or spreading illness.

Swiss Cheese Model


Need COVID 19 Testing? Here is a big listing of multiple sites and times in English and Spanish.



Head down to Burlington to see the lights, shop our local stores, and get into the holiday spirit!

Light up the Night is from 4:00-8:00 TONIGHT!


These items have been hanging around for a while and miss their owners. Please call or email the office if something looks familiar and we will send it home with your child. All items have been washed. Items will be donated if they are not claimed.


Click on the links below to add to your Google Calendar.

Wednesday, November 11th: Veteran's Day

Thursday, November 19th: PTO Officer Elections 6:30 - 7:30

Monday, November 23rd: iReady Testing Begins

Nov 25th - Nov 27th: NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)

Nov 30th - Possible Return to School (in-person)

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