Andrew Jewett B2

Switzerland does not have a very good soil and terrain for agriculture. Most farms are family owned and small because it isn't good to grow stuff there. Switzerland produces cereals such as wheat and barley can be grown. Root crops like beets and potatoes can be grown in this area. Dairy products like milk and cheese are produced here. Switzerland is well known for Swiss cheese. When natives eat in a restaurant they eat the traditional European way. They keep the fork in their left hand and a knife in their right hand. There are no real distinct eating customs that are different. Some holidays that Switzerland celebrates that are uique are Three Kings Day and National Day. On Three Kings Day Swiss people make special cakes to celebrate. They also do something called star singing to celebrate the stars that lead the Three Kings to where they were supposed to go. There is a special celebration on Rutfield where the original representatives met in 1291. On National Day the people usually barbecue sausages in their back yards. There is always a party to mark the end of Summer.