Falcon Focus

Issue 2, Volume 1 - February 27, 2018

Falcon Focus - A Weekly Flyer Discussing Technology Tools and Ideas!

My goal is to provide a weekly resource that introduces technology ideas and serves as a constant stream of ideas. I didn't hear anything back from anyone last week, which makes me think I have nothing but great ideas!! :) I will always attach the Google Form at the bottom seeking input as to future topics, so please let me know if there is information or resources I can provide concerning other topics.

Reminder: I will keep past Falcon Focus topics on our cmfalcons.org webpage, under the Technology department, for your reference. Issues can be found at http://www.cmfalcons.org/departments/technology/falcon_focus.

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This week's topic is Nearpod. I am stealing the following review from Common Sense as I thought it was an excellent synopsis:

"Teachers can use Nearpod effectively in the classroom to support student learning in a variety of ways. Give students opportunities for interaction and immediate feedback by having them draw on a map, respond to a poll question, post to a collaboration board, or take a multiple-choice quiz. Bring the world to your classroom by incorporating virtual reality and 360° views into your slides. Help students review key concepts through watching videos or reviewing notes. Teach elementary and middle school students how to use technology effectively, or use high-quality BBC videos to enhance lessons". (www.commonsense.org/education/app/nearpod)

What is great about Nearpod is that they provide a ton of self-paced videos and instructions on their website. These resources can be found at https://nearpod.com/resources.

I have found another article that discusses using Nearpod and why you should consider using it. The article can be found at http://samsonsshoppe.blogspot.com/2017/10/five-reasons-you-need-to-start-using.htm and I have included the main ideas below:

Reasons to Use Nearpod

(read the article for more information!)

1) Live Lesson vs Student Paced

2) Varied Activities

3) Editing

4) Assessment Data

5) Ability to See Engagement

Below you will find a starter video on how to create a Nearpod lesson, as well as the link to the Nearpod Blog, for additional ideas and inspiration!