Internet Safety For Kids!

Keeping kids safe on the internet through parenting help

How Old Do You Have To Be To Use Social Media?

For things like Facebook and Instagram, to Snapchat and Twitter, the age you have to be to use those sites is at least 12-13 years old. Because of age restrictions, it is imperative that you monitor what your child is doing if he or she ever gets a phone of their very own.
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How Do You Keep Track Of What Your Children Have Access To?

You can keep track of what your child has access to via Parental Controls. Parental Controls can help monitor what your child has access to, as well as preventing them from accessing age restricted things that could be bad. Also, it can prevent them from whom they contact, or whom they get contacted by.
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Percentages and Statistics

A random study at a Midwestern school in Minnesota suggests that kids that have been harassed online were done via text or social media. 34.4% of students under the age of 11 have experienced some sort of form of bullying when accessing content online without adult supervision. 19.5% say they have seen, or have experienced bullying happening to other people like their friends and acquaintances. This was tallied in 2015, and it shows that kids should have parent supervision when under the age so they are able to access age appropriate content. (site referenced)
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Some More Satistics

82% of kids that have broken house rules have experienced something negative online.

5% of parents don't know what their children are accessing.

17% of children THINK their parents don't know what they are accessing.