Wanted: krypton

supermans death gas

krypton kills superman for oddest reason

-On August 10th, 3033 krypton killed superman for not doing the dishes.

-This element is armed and dangerous.

-It can be found all throughout nitrogen, air, oceans, earth's crust and meteorites.

-it was discovered by Morris travers.

-used for power plants, in lasers to heal eyes, and as rocket fuel.

- the symbol is Kr

-the origin of its name means hidden.

-it is a non-metal

- room temperature appearance is clear



the first arresting officer was Morris travers in 1898 and worked with his partner to find the unknown group of gases that are known as noble gases.

- was discovered because of the element neon

- not dangerous in its original form generally stable

-last seen in the noble gases or on the earths crust