In My Hands

by Irene Gut Opdyke

By Ray Cutler

In My Hands

In My Hands is a memoir of a Holocaust Survivor named Irene Gut Opdyke. In her early life she always liked helping animals that were hurt. Her and her mother would care for them until it could go on it's own again. If it couldn't make it on its own, it would have a proper burial in their back yard. This may have impacted her later on when she first starts as a Holocaust rescuer in nursing school in Radom. She had volunteered to go with the Polish Army as they were asking for doctors and nurses. Soon after Poland had been split between Germany and Russia. Irene had been raped and left to die by Soviet Soldiers when she went to get supplies in the town. She goes through so much during this time period and it probably later impacts her later in life.
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Quote From the Book

"I did not ask myself, Should I do this? But, How will I do this? Every step of my childhood had brought me to this cross-road; I must take the right path, or I would no longer be myself."
In my Hands