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Lamination Line-The Ultimate Solution to Add More Protection to Products while Packaging

Lamination Line-Innovation Made in Packaging Sector

Lamination Line is a kind of flexible film applied to give additional thickness and protection to the product. Lamination line is made of flexible films as well as other materials that have similar resistance properties like flexi films.

Different Types of Lamination Materials

For lamination process applied in packaging, different materials are used to produce the line material such as the non woven fabric, paper lamination, flexible films with adhesives, etc.

Specialty of Non-Woven Fabric Material

Non-Woven Fabric lines packaging material has high resistance to UV rays and flame. It is also a light weight material and the production cost is economical. This product is made of polypropylene and hence it can be relied upon to obtain good strength and evenness in spite of lightweight.

Industrial Benefits of Non-Woven Fabric Line

This material is found to be a reliable packaging source that is applied in manufacturing auto covers, roof covers, bank cloth, etc. Medical industry also finds wide application of this material such as surgery cloth, operation apparel and masks as well.

Machinery for producing Non-Woven Fabric Line

Non-woven fabric line is a significant packaging material which is appreciated in several industries for its multiple resistance and protection qualities. By Investing in non-woven fabric lamination machine the expenses spent on buying material from outside sources can be reduced to great extent.

Packaging Guarantee from Extrusion Coating Lamination Lines

Extrusion coating lamination plant is produced through sending the molten plastic resin between two substrates wherein a complete bonding is formed. This kind of material is widely applied in food and pharmaceutical industry, as a wrapping component in engineering industry and for insulating packaging jute and cotton bags as well.

Production of BOPP lamination line

BOPP or Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene is a form of polypropylene film and it is highly recommended ingredient in the production of lamination line for its clarity, stability, glossy nature and oil and grease resistant properties. BOPP Lamination plant is a cost effective investment for packaging needs as this lining material stays effective for several packaging materials.

Significance of Adhesive Coating Lamination Line

Lamination lines are also mare more flexible to match the primary packaging material. Adhesive coating line keeps up for better bonding and is applied as a hot melting coating in jute bags, polyethylene bags, etc. It also works effectively on rough and uneven surfaces and packaging cloths that are woven with broad weave length.

Difference between Gum based and adhesive coating

Gum based coating lamination plant can be preferred for effective and hard lamination requirements than adhesive coating lamination plant. This machine produces lamination line with considerably higher percentage of gum to make the lamination process highly reliable and it stays suitable for different industries.

Lamination line Production-A Mandatory Investment to obtain Quality of Protection in Packaging

Lamination lines are of different types and depending upon the industrial requisites laminating line producing equipment should be chosen as that would remain cost effective investment. Ocean Extrusions is one of the leading manufacturers where it is easy to find suitable machinery that produce packaging films and film lines.


Lamination lines stay more effective for packaging and finding the right kind of lining material and the production requirement with respect to the type of product will certainly remain a profitable investment.

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