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January 4-January 8

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SPED Student Report Cards:

  • Regular Education teachers should communicate with SPED Teachers about grade responsibility.
  • If you share a student, you should share the grading responsibility. SPED and Regular Ed teacher should work together.
  • If a student is being marked "@" because he/she is receiving modified curriculum, we will just use an @ sign and no numbers with it.

Special Area Teachers:

  • You will each fill in your own report cards this year for the classes you teach.
  • Please see Troy Gill if you are unsure how to use the new special area tab. This will make your life a lot easier.

Google Drive:

  • If you have a new student since 1st quarter, please make sure Troy Gill has added the name to your report card tabs. If not, please contact Troy to do so. Classroom teachers are not to add students!
  • All documents are to stay in Google Drive.
  • Do not rename or move documents.
  • If you have a drive issue, please see Melissa.

Doug and Melissa will be checking report cards in drive. It will be communicated to the teacher if a change needs to be made. Please make sure you are writing comments for all students. You should write comments that give a positive and something the student needs to work on (use your scales to help identify this).

Important Dates:

End of Quarter: Tues. Dec. 22

Teacher Prints Report Cards Gives to Carol May: Wed. Jan. 6th (Teachers can give report cards to Carol early.)

Report Cards Mailed Home: Fri. Jan. 8th

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DRA Window is Open January 4th

January DRA-Who needs it?

  • Kindergarten-All Students
  • 1st-Any student below Independent DRA 10
  • 2nd-Any student below Independent DRA 20
  • 3rd-Any student below Instructional DRA 34
  • 4th-Any student below 38 NF Independent Or 40 F Instructional
  • 5th-Any student below 50 Instructional

DRA Folder Sign Out Procedures:

  • During the DRA Testing Window, teachers may sign out his/her entire classroom set of folders from the cummulative record room. These must be stored in a locked cabinet in the classroom.
  • DRA Folders must be stored in the Cummulative Record Room anytime outside of the DRA Window. Teachers may sign a DRA Folder out, but it must be returned by end of the day. Always returned to your class set of folders in alphabetical order.
  • Folders are stored by grade level by classroom teacher in alphabetical order. They should be returned in the same manner to the cumulative record room.
  • All DRA Folders should be returned to the Cumulative Record Room by Friday, January 29th. Teachers must sign them back in.
  • All student scores should be recorded in SISK12 by February 5th. Ask your grade chair if you are unsure of how to do this.
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The Week Ahead...

Monday, Jan. 4

K-2 No Collaboration This Week

Tuesday, Jan. 5


3:00 Sped Collaboration (Make sure PM Duty Covered)

3:40 PBIS Data Mtg

After School Tutoring

Wednesday, Jan. 6

Report Cards Due to Carol TODAY @9:00 a.m.


9:00 Doug Admin Mtg

3:00 Melissa Admin Mtg

3:40 Staff Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 7


3-5 No Collaboration This Week

After School Tutoring

Friday, Jan. 8


Perfect Attendance Lunch

1:45 2nd Quarter Recognition Assembly

Report Cards Mailed Home

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