4 year old beauty queens, NO

Paige Bonnin


Beauty pageants have been around since the 1900. Many people like them but just because older girls like them doesn't mean that younger kids like them to. Many hate them.

They should be four year olds not trying to be perfect.

Pageants can be very stressful on young children, its even more stressful that their mothers push them to be their best. Being their best means they have to wear fake nails and high heels, high heels at that age can bring lower back pain and then they wear them outside of pageants that is even worse.

Pageants are a lot of money, so if they don't win they can lose a lot of money.

If they chose to drive to a pageant they have to pay for gas, and gas is not cheap, and that's the same for a bus or train. Then when they get there they have to pay to get in. To get in can be anywhere between $25 to $500. The dress is just as bad. The dresses can be $400 to $800 dollars so if they don't win they just lost a lot of money.

Pageants are bad for children's health.

Pageants can be horrible for your children's health. One mother gave her daughter 10 Pixy Stixs so she would be pumped up for the pageant. Another mother dyed her daughters eye lashes. When it comes to pageants many mothers put hair spray in their daughters hair. Well hair spray has naphthalene which is a chemical that can produce lung cancer, and stunt your growth.