by corteja williams

the change of reformation

The Change Of Reformation Started Because The Renaissance was Weakening The Church Because They Spent Church Money On Personal Pleasure But Martin Luther Did Not Agree On The pope Teaching So he Decided To Write A 95 These Statment Attack The Church.

the people who were associated With The Change

Since Martin Luther Wrote The 95 These Statment And Put It On The Church Door It Was then copied and spreaded through germany.

john calvin published the institutes of the christian religion also his teaching is called calvinism, john calvin believes god should decieded who should be saved or not. marthin luther dosent believe in predestination.

Seen in todays modern society

The Reformation contributed to the creation of an individualistic ethic. Protestants insisted on the individual’s rights and responsibilities to interpret Scripture according to the dictates of his or her conscience. Piety, therefore, was not determined by the Church, but by the autonomous individual, whose conscience, illuminated by God, was the source of judgment and authority.

Also By strengthening monarchs at the expense of church bodies, the Reformation furthered the growth of the modern secular and centralized state.

how did the change impact society

At This Time Luther Changes Impacted Society By Him Getting Excommunicated From The Church and Outlawed. So He decieded To Make His Own religion called The Lutherans.