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Wegener was right

Alfred weneger's theory of plate tectonics was the truth

Alfred Wegener was born in Berlin as the youngest of five children in a clergyman's family. His father, Richard Wegener, was a theologies and teacher of classical languages at a school in Berlin. He went to school in Berlin he and his brother worked together as scientists of metrological and polar science. He has pioneered the great, groundbreaking theory of continental drift. He was widely ridiculed because of his theory and now in 1950 his theory has been proven correct. Do not worry if you refused to believe in his theory do not be ashamed, a theory is that, just a theory. But now it has been proven!

His idea

The theory of continental drift

Alfred wenegers theory has changed the world forever, he beloved in panged, the formation of all the countries put together, one great landmass, if you look at the map of the world, you can see that there are some neat slots that countries can fit into, they have been moved by Continental drift, the earth is his opinion is a jigsaw puzzle, where all the countries slot together. He believes that convection currents under the earth move the tectonic plates apart and this is what causes some of the dreadful natural disasters we live through today, good news though for us Englanders, the plates near us will not cause many earthquakes or volcanic eruptions as they are moving away from each other. But bad news for countries bordering the pacific, the "ring of fire" is the hotspot for plate activity, so many plates all pushing against each other causes the ground to rise up and pushes up magma (volcanoes) or land (earthquakes). This new finding also points towards the strange phenomenon of Tsunami's


Today there is lots of evidence for the drift.The most obvious is the way in which the continents seem to fit jigsaw-like (for example Africa and South America) together when looked at on a map. More scientific evidence is that plant and animal fossils of the same time found around different continent shores, suggesting that they were once joined. For example the fossils of the freshwater crocodile found in Brazil and South Africa.There is also living evidence - the same animals being found on two continents. An example of this is that the same type of eartworm found in South America and South Africa.

There are two main types of evidence : rocks and the magnetic field. When the rock types of the tips of separate continents are very similar it suggests that these rocks were formed in the same way meaning that once they were joined. The second piece of evidence is that the rocks were formed from magma erupting out of a volcano.

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