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Become A Virtual Representative For Instant Rewards

What is Instant Rewards? Instant Rewards is a middleman online company founded in 2009. The company is funded by fortune 500 companies such as Disney, The Fishermann's Club, Walmart, Netflix, Hydroxatone, and many more reputable companies.

Watch this to learn how you can earn a substantial income with this company.

Qualifications And Guidelines

-You must be 18 or older and a US, Canadian or UK resident.

-You must have basic computer skills. (copy,paste etc.)

- You must be able to read and follow directions given.

- You must be able to focus for at least 2 hours on completing assigned tasks. You choose your own hours and days to work.

-You must be self motivated to a certain degree. You will have access to one on one guidance and support from an experienced representative. Representative contact information is listed below. There is also a training site available to you with live agents, 24/7 at (this site is only available to registered agents.)

-Only one person may register per household.

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