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MIS Weekly Update

March 21st-25th Edition

Happy Week Before Spring Break!

As you are all counting down the days this week, we hope you plan to take time for yourselves to relax and recharge so we can all hit the ground running when we return!

Upcoming Important Dates

Mon. Mar. 21 - 5th Science EOQ

Tues. Mar. 22 - Reading EOQ

Wed. Mar. 23 - Math EOQ

Thurs. Mar. 24 - Makeup and Two Day Testers/ End of 3rd Quarter

Fri. Mar. 25 - No School - Good Friday

Mon. Mar. 03/28 - Fri. Apr. 1 - Spring Break!!!

Fri. Apr. 1 - Optional Teacher Work Day

Tues. 04/05 - 3rd Quarter Grades Due

Tues. 04/05 - Staff Meeting

Tues. 04/05 - Orleans Hanna Assessment for 6th Grade

Wed. 04/06 - Makeup Orleans Hanna Assessment

Thurs. 04/07 - 7th Grade Registration at MIS for 6th Graders

Thurs. 04/07 - Flex Tech PD - Google Tools

Thurs. 04/07 - OBX Parent/Chaperone Meeting at 6:00 p.m.

Fri. 04/08 - All Pro Dad @ 7:15 a.m.

Mon. 04/11 - MIS Spring Pictures

Mon. 04/11 - District Teacher Leader Meeting in MIS PD Room (11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.)

Tues. 04/12 - MIS New Teacher Support @ 3:30 p.m.

Tues. 04/12 - School Board Meeting at Town Hall - 7:00 p.m.

Mon. 04/18 - 3rd Quarter Data Meeting w/ Dr. Edwards @ 2:30 p.m. - MMS

Wed. 04/20 - Early Release Day - MANDATORY Diversity Training for MIS Staff

Important Reminders

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3rd Quarter Grades

3rd Quarter grades are due to Ms. Lackey by Tuesday, April 4th at 8:00 AM.

Here are the directions for entering your final grades into PowerSchool along with directions for how to set up your fourth quarter gradebook in BBLearn! Here's a google presentation to help with this as well.


This week is your LAST CHANCE to complete this survey (it's only three questions). WE HAVE ONLY HAD A HANDFUL OF RESPONSES! Our yearly contract with Flocabulary is up for renewal in May. We would like to survey its use across the school before determining our next steps with this program!


Just a reminder about the email Dr. Smith sent out!

"Attention users of BlackBoard, Angel and Respondus (Conversion Tool):

  1. Many of you have begun to think about end of year procedures related to BlackBoard and your content and courses. We are finalizing details with BB, but rest assured nothing will be deleted from your content. You will be able to easily transfer content to next year's courses.
  2. Angel access will go away at the end of this school year. This means you have until the end of school to get any data out of Angel you wish to keep. Again, Angel will be inaccessible after June 10, 2016. This includes, former courses, content, groups, LOR data, etc. SAVE/EXPORT YOUR DATA NOW.
  3. Many of you have utilized Respondus (the conversion tool) this year to export assessments and data from Angel to BlackBoard. This will also be inaccessible after June 10, 2016. SAVE/EXPORT YOUR DATA NOW. (Note: This is NOT Respondus LockDown Browser, we will still use it next year)."


Please make sure that you include this link in any emails or newsletters you send out to parents so that we can continue to analyze the feedback! So far we have heard from 266 parents!

Instructional Highlight

5th Grade Science

Students reviewed for their upcoming EOQ using an extremely wide variety of resources and media! Task cards, Jeopardy games, Board games, Comic Life Comics, Quizlet, Kahoots, Versa tiles, online videos and virtual labs, interactive notebook pages, and cootie-catchers! Way to go 5th Grade Science Team for providing your students with lots of different types of instructional materials in order to achieve student success!

Tech Tool Spotlight

Re-Discover Discovery Ed!

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Focus #2: Techbooks

"Discovery Education Techbook™ is a breakthrough digital textbook series that is aligned to rigorous standards, supports a comprehensive curriculum, and includes professional development. All of our Techbooks are platform neutral and can be used in 1:1 or 1:many classroom settings. The Techbook series:
  • Saves teachers time with its comprehensive design that includes model lessons, student activities, and assessments at their fingertips
  • Supports differentiation through interactive features that change the reading level of text and enable text to be read aloud
  • Is updated regularly"
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Focus #1: Tips for Supporting Struggling Students

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Focus #2: TenMarks' March Ten for Ten

Here are three great HIGHLIGHTS and a BONUS from this month's Ten for Ten

"Use Amplifiers and Videos for Instruction Before Assignment"

From the curriculum page, find a strand and click the preview icon (“eye-con” :). A preview of example questions will appear on the right side of the screen. Scroll to the bottom of the preview and there will be a listing of Videos, Amplifiers, and Jam Session Skills related to that strand. Here’s a video of how to find them. You could use these tools during your instruction or small groups and before the assignments are pushed out.

"Use Prerequisite Standards Document to plan"

One of the best things about being a TenMarks customer is the network of resources that come from other customers! Educator Katie Kaystha is going to make you one happy teacher today: she outlined all of the prerequisite standards for each TenMarks Assignment in this handy document. Use this document to plan your instruction, pre-assess skills before a unit and/or assign Jam Sessions to practice prerequisite skills throughout a unit.

"Use the Top Three Most Common Mistakes"

After students have completed an assignment, click on it from your teacher dashboard and you will be provided with a lot of very useful insights including the “Top Three Common Mistakes”. Clicking on each mistake will also provide you a list of the exact students who made the mistake. This is a great feature to help you quickly decide what needs to be revisited in whole-group or small-group instruction the following day.

BONUS: "With Math I Can”

Have you checked out yet? The “With Math I Can” campaign inspires students to toss out their fixed mindsets and opt for one of growth. Start by taking your class to the With Math I Can website, watching the video and taking the pledge. Then, explore the valuable resources and begin or continue your Growth Mindset journey. Educator Katie Kaystha created a wonderful short presentation that will help walk you through how to get started using
With Math I Can!

Focus: Differentiation

Highlight: 4th Grade Math

This past week, 4th graders completed simple data trackers on their fraction standards for the quarter. They added data from their CFAs along with a quick 10 question review using Schoolnet questions for each standard. Once the data was entered into their charts, their scores were labeled with three colors - red, yellow, and green. Students were able to see their progress and reflect on their strengths and areas of improvement.

Students were supplied with a resource chart that had various materials they could use to review the standards they needed more practice on!

Props to the 4th grade team for developing such a meaningful and differentiated way for students to review for their upcoming EOQ!

Here's a link to the presentation they used with their classes, along with their review!

Don't forget...

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