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Haden Bayer and Fernando

Haden Bayer - William Blackstone

The Commentaries On The Laws of England

Blackstones Commentaries On The Laws Of England are the most "thorough treatment" of the English law by one man. "It demonstrated that English is a system of justice" comparable to that of Roman law and the civil law of the continent. It also influenced early American law.
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Where/when did he live?

Blackstone lived in London his entire life, he was born there and he died there. He lived during the 1700's (1723-1780).

William Blackstone's family

Blackstone didn't have any important family members that ever really impacted anything. But his family was a middle class family.
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The American Revolution

The American Revolution started when William Blackstone was alive. Unfortunately he died before it was over.

Blackstone's Political Beliefs

He believed in studied Roman law in Oxford University. He then went on to believe in English and Roman law.

Fernando Abarca :-) **John Locke

When/Where he lived

John Locke was born in Wrington, England 1632. Later on however John fled to the Netherlands in 1683 and six years later moved back to England to enjoy his final years.

Important Family Members

Locke's father was an attorney and Parliamentary army officer. This could be justified to sort of molding Locke to grow a tough mind with mean dedication.

How did Locke impact history

John Locke being a successful educated philosopher got Thomas Jefferson's attention and influenced him to write the Declaration of Independence.

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