IS Animal Corner a Reliable Website

By: Amelia Treat

The Summery of the website

The web site has a lot of information on animals and where they live. There are many lincks attached to the website and some times it gets a little confussing. This website has a lot of adds.

How is this website helpful for doing projects?

This website has lot's of good information in it and I am prity sure it's all true. Also this website has lots of links that are a little confussing but helpful. The website does have a serch engine, but when you serch somthing it just brings you to a google serch.

Is Animal Corner Current?

No, Animal Corner was made in 2003 and updaited in 2011. It is important the website is updated because animals change, they become exstinced and endangerd. Things are happining in the animal world all the time.

What deatails did I like?

I liked how neat every thing was and how you can acksess things eassly with a click of a butten. I also like the visule feel of it and the format and the images that were there.
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Is it realiable

I think it is a very reliable, but I would not use it for my projects I would use a more populer current site.

Who put the site together

There was no spespific person who made the website, but to what I saw I thiink Animal Corner might be a compony.

Is the site trying to sway you

No the site is just full of information, exsept an add could sway me to buy something.
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