First Grade News

Mrs. Work/Mrs. Baker, Room 22

Highlights from Week 34: May 2-6

Hello Families!

We had such a fun week in our first grade classroom. Ben finished out the year as the final Top Dog. He loved being teacher helper and got a lot of practice being a role model for positive and appropriate behavior.

We also had a special event this week and next week for the 1st and 2nd graders. The W.E.C.A.R.E. program is finally here! It is a multicultural games program to celebrate the diversity of humankind. This program teaches kids a variety of activities in a fun, positive, and non-competitive atmosphere. On Thursday, May 12, is a family night from 6:00 to 7:30 in the gym. Bring the family and enjoy a night celebrating empathy with games from around the world. You can see how much fun we're having with this program in the pictures below.

Reading Groups: We are working hard on reading aloud with fluency and accuracy, especially correct word endings. As we write to show good comprehension, the focus is on writing complete answers that are expressed thoughtfully and neatly.

Writing: Kids eagerly accepted a new challenge this week using a "Read On Your Own" book from the Nat Geo series. They are partner reading the mini-book, then creating and presenting their knowledge from the story in a poster style presentation. They enjoy working in groups of two and I'm impressed with their cooperation while creating their posters.

Math: (Chapter 12) In this chapter, we are studying attributes of 2-D shapes and exploring what new shapes can be formed by combining the basic shapes. That's when it really gets fun as you can see in our pictures below.

Our class has a field trip coming up on Wed., May 25 to Dischinger Orthodondics. It is during our lunch hour so each student will be required to have a sack lunch, either from home or ordered from our kitchen. We will board a bus at 11:40AM and return to Oak Creek at 1:20PM. It would be great if 3-4 parents would like to volunteer to chaperone. Please let me know ASAP if you can. I'll be sending out the sack lunch order form in a separate email. I need to confirm the number of school sack lunches to order by May 16.

WALK/BIKE/BUS to SCHOOL MONTH: All of May is walk/bike/bus to school month to encourage "thinking green." If this is not possible for your child, they are encouraged to do something to take care of the Earth (recycling, composting, turning off lights, using both sides of the paper, saving water, etc.) so they can select the "heart" on the wall chart to participate in the event.

Thank you to our great parent (and grandparent) volunteers who help our classrooms and school run smoothly. We especially thank Casey's grandma who visited us last week and helped us create a special art object that will be coming home in June.

The thanks I received for Teacher Appreciation Week was amazing. The thank you notes, artwork, flowers, and gifts were so kind. I appreciate your support and kindness.

As always check out our classroom photos and upcoming calendar dates below. Please note that my email is at the end of this newsletter and contact me (not Claire Baker) with important daily emails.

Thank you for working with me to educate your child.

Happy Spring!

Mrs. Work

W.E.C.A.R.E. program is...

Educational and entertaining shows with hands-on instruction, teaching character traits



Celebrate the differences and commonalities of many cultures through the games people play.

Travel around the world and discover that smiles are the same in any language.

Equipment list- Flower Sticks, Diabolo (Chinese Yo Yo), Lariat, Pelele (Fling It Net), Peteca (Volleybird)

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Exploring Geometry with 2-D Shapes


It's time to sign up to volunteer for the remainder of the year!

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Upcoming Events

  • May 10: "WE CARE" games with our class (45 min. session)
  • May 12: "WE CARE" Family Night, 6:00-7:30pm
  • May 12: Early Release 1:20pm
  • May 20: Art Lit
  • May 24: Science Night
  • May 25: Field trip to Dischinger Orthodontics
  • May 26: Early Release, 1:20pm
  • May 26: All library books due
  • May 27: NO SCHOOL, Teacher Work Day
  • May 30: NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day
  • June 10: Last Day of School