Lineville Technology

Madelyn Wathke


In this unit, we had to make an iTrailer about ourselves. We used the app iMovie to make the video. The video could be about things we liked to do, family, vacations, ect. When we were finished with the project, we had the option to show the class our creation.

Explain Everything

In Explain Everything, we chose a math problem, supplied by Mrs. Myers, to explain and solve. We had to record ourselves explaining and solving the problem. You needed at least two slides to explain what you did. In order for the class to understand our problem, everything had to be typed, not handwritten.

Haiku Deck

In this unit, we did a presentation on our dream job. We needed to use Career Locker and our prior knowledge to write information about our dream job. My dream job was an elementary teacher. The presentation needed to be at least ten slides.


In coding, we went to and did the advanced course. We learned how to code by using different blocks that made the characters in each level do different things. The character changed as we went through the courses. The farther we got throughout the levels, the harder it became.

Career Locker with Mrs VandenBoogaard

In this unit, we went to a website called Career Locker. This website helped us narrow down what jobs we wanted to be when we grew up. It also gave us a lot of information about different jobs. The website made us take different surveys to help us decide which job was right for our personality.

Learn to Type

In Learn to Type, we have different exercises to help us learn to type without looking at the keyboard. There are many different courses, and in those courses there were smaller courses that focused on one thing. This website taught use how to type letters, numbers, and punctuation.