Th1rteen R3asons Why

By: Jay Asher

You'll just have to press play to find out..

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Th1rteen R3asons Why

In a modern day town, Clay Jenson and many others were blamed by her. Who? Hannah Baker. Hannah Baker committed suicide and blamed her death on tapes with 13 people on them. Clay got these tapes passed down by the person before him on them. As Clay continues to listen to these he feels closer to Hannah. At the end of the book nothing will ever be the same to Clay, once he figures out why hes on them. What did he do exactly? Just press play to find out...

Jay Asher

Jay Asher has written two books. The Future of Us, and Thirteen Reasons Why. Thirteen Reasons Why was a over all best seller in over 30 different countries. Teens and adults love Jay Asher. He has worked in many different book stores, an independent bookstore, an outlit bookstore and also a chain bookstore. In his free time he likes to play the guitar and goes camping. He was born on September 30,1974 and he is currently 38 years of age.