By: Marie Lu


What was once the United States is now split into two because of war. The western United States is now known as the Republic. Born into a very wealthy family, 15-year-old June, is a very bright young girl who is being groomed to be in a high government position. Born basically into a dump, 15-year-old Day, is the Republic's most wanted criminal. But his motives may not be as malicious as they seem.

Both character paths eventually cross when Junes brother Metias is unexpectedly murdered, and like always, Day becomes the prime suspect. Caught in the ultimate game of cat and mouse, Day is in a race for his family's survival, while June seeks to avenge Metias's death. But after many shocking events, the two find out the truth that really brought them together, and everything changes.

About the Author

Marie Lu is a 30-year-old adult fiction novel writer who was born in China on July 11, 1984. Marie and her family moved to the United States when Marie was 5-years-old. Even though she is an author, her first love was designing video games. She attended college at the University of Southern California. Before writing her first book, she interned at Disney Interactive Studios. Marie has a special love for dystopian books and poetry. She is a very active reader and is always looking for something new to read. Marie's big sellers are the Legend series and recently, the Young Elite series. Marie is still currently writing and releases the third book to the Young Elite series this summer.


The United States of America is no longer united. The West is now known as the Republic and the east is known as the Colonies. This novel takes place in a transformed Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is now the Republic's headquarters and is very protected.
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Book Reviews

What “Legend” delivers is a walloping good ride with an emphasis on believability. This is no easy feat given that its setting, Los Angeles, has been reduced, postapocalyptic style (by an environmental disaster? We’re not told), to the Land-O-Lakes and those living with the resultant plague find their homes marked with a large red X by the military. (Marking doors has historical precedence that is not easily translated into entertainment, but don’t tell Lu.) That I gasped aloud at one daring plot device showed me the strength of Lu’s conviction: she will follow where the story leads her, even at the risk of alienating some readers. This alone deserves applause. -Ridley Pears New York Times

The much-hyped debut novel from Marie Lu, Legend is an adrenaline-fueled, action-packed, fun novel. I devoured the book in a single sitting and thoroughly enjoyed myself – much in the way that I enjoy and devour films like Con Air. There’s nothing really new here: at center stage, we’ve got the brilliant super genius protagonists, who of course are super hot, who of course fall for each other despite their fifteeen-years of accumulated baggage. Told in alternating point-of-view chapters (with some questionable design elements incorporated into at least the ARC version of the text), the novel chronicles the great evilness of the Republic and all that our brilliant protagonists will do to fight against The Man. The plot twists are all fairly transparent from the onset (the origins of the Plague, the ignorance of June and other upper classes, the truth behind June’s brother’s death, for example), and the worldbuilding is eminently familiar. There are echoes of Lois Lowry’s dystopian society of The Giver, of Scott Westerfeld’s bubblegum action in the Uglies quartet, and of the action and basic characterization profile of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. Our protagonists may be caricatures, defined by their safely bland appeal, and appear to have unshakably noble values at heart, juxtaposed against the villains of the piece, who are the properly villainous, emotionally distanced monsters. -The Book Smugglers

Legend by Marie Lu Book Review/Recommendation


The novel Legend is a great kick-off to the book series and I recommend that all age from 12 and up to read this engaging book. This is a great read because it is written from both characters point of views and it shows how they see the world. In addition to that, it shows June's development from seeking revenge on Day to practically falling in love with him. Also, this book reveals shocking secrets that you are urging to find out. Overall, Legend is a great novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


The song "The Waiting One" by All That Remains describes the emotions and feeling Day felt when he was betrayed by June. The line "I won't let you hurt me again" really shows how upset and devastated Day felt when June betrayed him and his family to the Republic. The line "She was the one thing I believed that I needed to hold me" shows how much Day trusted June and really liked her. This song is coming from Day's perspective of how he thought of June after she completely betrayed him and he was left devastated.
All That Remains - The Waiting One