Evil Project

By: Liz Williams

Evil: mean, cruel, wicked, intentionally causing harm

Almost all of Shirley Jackson's stories have evil in them and a surprise ending.

"What A Thought"

The story is reflecting on Shirley Jackson's mental illness. The wife is thinking crazy thoughts of ways to kill her husband. In the end she hits her husband over the head with a heavy ash tray.

"The Lottery"

The lottery is about people who elect a person to be stoned. After they kill the person they have a memorial. The people don't believe that it's murder, they look at it like a sacrifice. When you think of winning a lottery, you think it will be good. In the end you will be murdered.

"The Possibility of Evil''

The story is about a lady named Ms.Strangeworth who writes about her opinions of people. She thinks that nobody knows. She is writing mean things about people. The story starts out in a small town, everyone is happy. At the end someone finds out that she is writing the letters so they destroy her letters.

Kids collected school supplies for syrian kids

Children in Canada raised over $7000 for school supplies for Syrian Kids. All around the world Syrian families are being displaced. The parents are sending the kids to unfamiliar schools due to their displacement. So, with the kids collecting supplies they will have better schooling and hopefully a better education.