Wednesday Mail

September 14


Dear Parents and Students,

Being active in a club and participating in extracurricular activities are very important for high school and for the college application process. Please sign up for 2016/2017 clubs on the request form. We will try to offer about 40 different clubs marked below if we have an advisor and minimum required number of students. Monthly fee is $15 for 1 club and $25 for 2 clubs. Semester fee is $50 for a club and $100 for 2 clubs.

PS. Even though we do our best to have no schedule conflict between clubs and tutorials, if that would be the case tutorials will be prioritized.
We hope to see your child!

2016-2017 Clubs Request Form

Calling all Grandparents!

HSB-Dallas will be having Grandparents’ Breakfast on Friday, September 23rd from 7:45-8:30 AM. This will be an opportunity to invite our grandparents to our campus to enjoy breakfast with their grandchildren that attend our school.

In order to plan accordingly for this event, please kindly RSVP no later than Friday, September 16, 2016 if your child and grandparent will be attending.

We hope to see everyone!

Click to RSVP

Teen Trendsetters

Teen Trendsetters 2016-17 reading program is ready to kick off!

8th-12th graders who have a signed parent consent, are welcome to attend the training session. On Tuesday, Sept. 20th in the East Cafeteria, during 0-period, from 7:55-8:30, the Teen Trendsetters training (Powerpoint) will take place before the mentors are matched with a mentee. The consent forms will be available in the West Cafeteria in the morning before school.

Regular reading sessions between one mentor and one mentee will start in October. The weekly reading program will be on Tuesdays in the East Cafeteria during 0-period.

Please contact Ms. Kinder at for more information.


Dear Parents,

We as Harmony Public Schools are applying for a worldwide known US based educational accreditation agency called AdvancED (SACS). Attached you will find some key information about this accreditation and how it would benefit us to excel further in our educational accomplishments.

As part of this accreditation we ask you please fill out a short survey through the link below.

We appreciate your valuable feedback.

Parent Survey

Student Survey



AdvancED and Its Benefits

Girl Scouts are starting;

If your daughter in grades K-6 would like to be a girl scout please come by the front office for a

registration form.We have very limited spots available.

Thank you!

Leaders of troop 6618

Front Office Hours Changed

Greetings Parents and Guardians,

Please note that beginning Monday, September 12th, we will start original office hours. The front office will be open from 7:30 to 4:30 only. Please plan accordingly for your needs. Thank you.


Harmony Parents/Guardians:

Lockers have been issued to students that brought a lock, so please make sure your child has a lock so they can be assigned a locker. Back packs are not allowed in the classroom, so consequences will be given to students without a lock/locker.

Please contact Mr. Sheffield if you have any questions.

MAP Testing

Dear Parents,

Please have your children get a good night sleep and to do their best on the NWEA M.A.P. from Sept. 6th – Sept. 23rd, 2016.

A Parent’s Guide to MAP English

A Parent’s Guide to MAP Espanol


Greetings Parents,

Welcome back to another year of school nutrition. Please make note that the menu is posted on our website for you to view with your child on a daily basis. If the menu is something that he/she does not approve of, please send a lunch with your child for that day. Also, please remember to post funds to your child's account on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on how often they receive meals. All students are allowed up to a $15.00 credit before a payment is required. If you do not want your child to receive meals, please stop by the front office with a signed note indicating this matter. We will place a block on your child's account so they will not receive meals. Time is running out to apply for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program. Please upload your lunch application ASAP, through the parent portal. If you have any questions, please contact Alfredo Dizon by calling the front office or emailing him at

Thank you.

LPAC Parent Member Needed

Dear HSB Parents;

We are looking for parent volunteers to serve on our school's Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC). In order to qualify as a parent member you must have a student who participates in our English as a Second Language program. The LPAC committee serves as the students' advocate to make certain they receive the appropriate services. You will receive training and then assist the team in identifying and placing students in the appropriate program for language development and academic success.

If you would be willing to serve on our school's LPAC committee please contact Tanya Gorman at (214) 321-0100, or via email at Thank you for your time and consideration in supporting our HSB students.

Note From the Nurse

We have many students with food allergies please do not give your student any fish items in their lunches for snacks and no items containing loose nuts.

Thank you for your help in this matter to keep all our students safe & healthy

Dismissal Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We would like to clear up any confusion about our drop-off and dismissal procedures.


· Drop-Off time for K-6th grade students is 7:10 AM to 7:40 AM. After 7:40, they will be considered tardy.

· Drop-Off time for 7th-12th grade students is 7:10 AM to 7:55 AM. After 7:55, they will be considered tardy.

· If a student arrives after 8 AM, they must enter through the front for a tardy slip from the front office.


· K-2nd grade students can be picked up from 2:30 PM to 2:55 PM at the west side door near the soccer field.

o After 2:55 these children will be in the gym, and you must wait in the car lane
to pick them up.

· 3rd-6th grade students can be picked up from 3:00 PM to 3:40 PM.

o You must pick these students up from the right lane of the car lane.

· 7th-12th grade students can be picked up from 3:50 PM to 4:30 PM.

o You must pick these students up from the left lane of the car lane.

Possible Cases

1. If you have kids in 3rd-6th grade only, you will pick them up in the right lane from 3:00 PM to 3:40.

2. If you have children in 3rd-6th with siblings in K-2nd, you have two options:

a. Pick up your K-2nd child at the west side door from 2:30-2:55 PM, then return at 3:00-3:40 to pick up your 3rd-6th grade child in the right car lane, OR

b. Arrive at 3:00-3:40 and wait in the right car lane to pick up all your children at the same time.

3. If you have children in 7th-12th only, dismissal is from 3:50 to 4:30. You must wait in the left car lane to pick up these children.

4. If you have children in 7th-12th with siblings in K-6th, you have two options:

a. Arrive at 3:00-3:40 to pick up your K-6th child in the right car lane, then come back again at 3:50-4:30 to pick up your 7th-12th child, OR

b. Arrive at 3:50-4:30 to pick up all your children at the same time in the left car lane.


Walk Passes

Students may walk or bike home with an approved Walk Pass. Student Walk Release forms can be picked up from the front office. They must be completed by a parent or guardian, then signed and approved by an administrator before the actual Walk Pass will be given to the student.

Students with a walk pass are expected to promptly leave campus through the west side door after the dismissal bell and are not permitted to loiter on campus. They must show their Walk Pass to Harmony Staff before leaving campus.

Walk Passes can be revoked if students do not comply with Walk Pass regulations.

Students that leave campus without a Walk Pass will receive an automatic referral to the Dean of Discipline.

Principal K-12: M. Tunca

Dean of Academics: E. Abaci

Dean of Academics: T. Chung

Dean of Discipline: L. Sheffield

Campus Head High School Counselor: (11th&12th gr) V. Kaya

High School Counselor:(9th-10th & 12th gr.) M. Karaca

GT Coach: V. Bradley

ESL Coordinator: T. Gorman

SPED Coordinator: S. Kinder

Registrar: A. Slocum

Attendance Clerk: S. Bedolla

Secretary: B. Robinson

Lunch Clerk: A. Dizon

Nurse: C. Badowski

Librarian: T. Grant

Testing & FP Coordinator: W. Smith

Reading Intervention: T. Walton