Out of my Mind

Author: Sharon Draper

About the Book

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Main Characters: Melody,Mr. Dimming, Rose, Penny, Claire, Mom, Dad

Problem: Melody was born with a disability that she can not speak and move your body parts very well. She did not like that.

Summary: Melody is born with a disability made so she can not talk. Nobody thinks they can fix her and they say she is not smart. So her mom puts her in a public school to prove that she is smart. Melody goes to the inclusion classes. She sees a normal person with a new laptop. She wants one that talks for her. She gets one that talks for her and her whole life changes!

Climax: When Melody makes the whiz kids team.

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Sharon M. Draper

why I like the book

I likie this book because it shows how mean people can be and what life can be like sometimes.

I rate this book 5 stars!!!