Forced Marriage

EQ~Why isn't there a law everywhere against forced marriage?

Background Information on Forced Marriage

Forced Marriage is when someone is forcing both or one spouse to marry the other without consent. It can happen anywhere and everywhere. Usually in a forced marriage, men have the upper hand in it. Places like Syria and Iraq, have hundreds of arranged marriages because of their terrible government. It also usually happens to girls around the ages of 14 - 21.

Pros to Forced Marriage

If your family chooses who you'll marry, usually they'll choose someone with shared interests. That's a good thing, right? You would think that there's absolutely 0 good things about a forced marriage but there are some okay things about it. Having an arranged or forced marriage is more beneficial to your parents than anyone else.

Pro's List to Forced Marriage

  • Good Income
  • Shared Values
  • Keeps family reputation
  • gives security that person will marry
  • no idea of divorce
  • women may have some say of who they'd like to marry
  • eventually you could fall in love
  • partners may be selected by class
  • prevent young people from making bad decisions about who they may marry

Cons of Forced Marriage

When you think about forced marriage, mainly bad things come to mind. It's not just you, trust me. Forcing someone into marrying a person they have absolutely no feelings for, is not something one should be proud of. This happens a lot to young girls, they're sexually abused, beaten, and isolated from the outside world. In Western Asia, forced marriages are common due to the corrupt governments.

Con's List to Forced Marriage

  • can happen to anyone
  • happens everywhere
  • person doesn't enjoy their marriage
  • may take years to actually love the spouse
  • women may be tricked into it
  • person feels scared and lonely'
  • sexually abused
  • isolated
  • only know their name and class
  • forced
  • no rights
  • can't express true love
  • person feels worthless and has low self esteem

Are Forced/Arranged Marriages Acceptable When it's for Your Religion?

Usually when your having an arranged marriage for your religion or beliefs, parents choose someone who could make you happy. This happens some in Asian, and Indian households. Also Muslims have arranged marriages. These ethnicity's and religions believe that it'll tie family ties together and it'll keep the family money within the family.

Effects on the Person

Forcing someone into an unwanted marriage can be tough on whoever. It lowers their confidence and self esteem. The person feels worthless and unwanted. They don't want to spend the rest of their life with someone who doesn't truly love them.
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Conclusion/EQ ~ Why Isn't There a Law Everywhere Against Forced Marriage?

There's a law almost everywhere that supports human rights, but it's up to the people to obey them or break them. That's where forced and arranged marriage comes in. In some religions it's very important. It depends on the situation and how it's done to consider if it's against the law or not. Forced marriage is a form of slavery and it's human rights abuse. Although forced marriage is terrible, it can still happen to anyone. This is because of countries' corrupt governments and disgusting people all around the world. Forced marriages usually happen on the "down low". If the country does have a law against it, people could hide it. Then there are countries with such bad governments, that they just won't care.
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