Modern Media

Christian Sutton


Media is different in many ways but to me it’s nothing but a huge drama ball waiting to blow up. “Media builds you to break you down” meaning that they can’t talk so good about you makes everyone love you and makes them talk good about you. As soon as u mess up one time and the media finds out they can destroy everything they said good about you and make you sound like you’re the worst person right after they just made you sound like the best person ever. That’s why it’s so hard for celebrities because most of them have been boosted so much by media and they have to try so hard not to mess up because if they do they know what’s going to come their way. The only good part of the media is that if you’re doing well all they do is talk good about you and makes more people talk good about you also. Social media is the same way it’s just everyone in the world is basically involved in it. The difference is that you can communicate with others about the media that’s being put on these apps Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. social may a little worst because when it’s on one of these types of apps literally everyone will hear about it and see about it. It might end up trending on twitter to where everyone will be able to see it. Social media also builds you just to break you down.