ACT Test Strategys

Linley Zahm

General Strategys: What to bring with you on testing day 1/4

When taking this test you can not bring a lot of things when taking the test. You will need tome pencils and they provide everything else. basically just show up because they are very strict about the risk of cheaters.

General Strategys: Guessing strategy 2/4

When taking the ACT there is a high chance you wont know the answer to every question. when this happens you best chance for a higher score if to guess then actually get it wrong for not putting anything down.

General Strategys: Skipping difficult questions 3/4

When taking this test you have to keep in mind that it is timed. Therefore instead of working out a really long science problem, just skip it, come back to it, so you don't waste 5 minutes on one question.

General Strategy: Quantity over quality 4/4

This rule sounds the opposite of what we are taught, but we have to remember this is a timed test. you will need to use the guessing strategy for this. I think when you have about 2 minutes left and you will aren't done, go circle all the answers to the questions that you don't know. you will need to pick a letter and be consistent with that.


Test- Specific Strategies

English: comma rules- strategizing series of elements, conjunctions, and after an introductory phrase.

-read the entire line referred to by the questions.

-eliminate parenthetical elements.

-predicting, when you read a passage try to foreshadow for better understanding.

Math: Draw figures for geometry problems- if you draw out the shape a math problem is explaining you will have better understanding.

-Write out all work, do one step at a time.

-Don't make assumptions, often the test answers given will be close to the number you think, it wont be the right answer but the do it to trick you so you don't think you will need to work out the whole problem correctly. Always work out the problem and don't stop in the middle to guess.

Reading: Speed reading techniques- put your fingers under the words al read really fast and follow with your fingers. You should only do this for short memory so it is perfect for test taking when you quickly need to read and remember for only a little bit.



Science: Types of graphs- know your different types of graphs so you can read it faster without having to think to hard about the information.

-Review science method