Shannon White

My Personality

My Color

My color personality is blue. A blue is someone who avoids conflict and likes to work in groups. I have both of these qualities, although sometimes when working in a group there can be conflict. Nonetheless people of the blue personality seek harmony in group work. Blue personalities also like to make sure that they themselves and others are in emotional contentment.

5 Strengths

  • Quiet, but witty
  • Mediates problems
  • Avoids conflict
  • Good listener
  • Has many friends

My Animal: Swan

The animal I acquired through the animal personality test is the swan. Swans are graceful and tranquil creatures, but they are quite energetic on the inside. Sometimes when all the bottled up energy and stress overwhelms the swan, they will find a quiet or tranquil place to recharge and return back to their calm state. Appearances are highly important to swans and enjoy the finer things in life. They also are well-traveled and worldly birds who also have seen people at their best and worst. Swans also are open to input and direction from others. Swans are very good at balancing their lives, They also are mediators in the workplace and dealing with difficult people.

wildlife documentary 'Mute Swans'


  • Journalist
  • Entertainer
  • Giving massages
  • Comedian
  • Camping
  • Likes talking
  • Loves family time

My Influence on This Class

My influence on this class will be good listening, team work, and open to new ideas. Although, I am quiet I can get a job done and help the others around me do so as well. In my group I hope I will be able to help us work better and finish projects. I am also hoping to learn new things from my classmates and become a better team worker.