Greer Middle College Charter H.S.

Wednesday Wrap Up


  • Friday is an "A" day.
  • There will be no dress down on Friday.
  • We will have a Cluster meeting Friday, September 4 in B4 at 1:50. Please view Laura's email related to your bring back.
  • There will be no meeting after Cluster.
  • We are out for Labor Day on Monday, September 7. Enjoy!
  • On Tuesday, September 8 and moving forward, we will no longer allow student denim jackets (any color).
  • Ms. Schonhar sent an email related to Blazer Block. Please read.
  • A required Blazer Block will be held for juniors in the cafe on Friday.
  • We have a confirmed date of Friday, September 11 for underclassmen pictures. We will call by Blazer Block. Pictures will occur in B29.
  • Please make sure you are aware of your duty responsibilities.
  • Students should not be making copies in the teacher work area nor should students be checking your boxes. We have too many items that could potentially be confidential placed in your boxes.
  • Mrs. Clark sent information related to students not having computer access because the form has not been signed. Those students must get the form signed in order to have internet access.
  • Building update: Our Board has approved a reimbursement resolution and a search for a financial advisor. These two approvals could allow us to seek a conventional or unconventional financing process. A financial advisor will look at our finances, money held in CD's, and pro forma to determine our best interests. This process of hiring and analysis should take 6-8 weeks. Stay tuned...
  • The observation schedule is complete. I will send out via email. Also, Laura will provide a paper copy in color.
  • I am going to try and give you a couple of links per week to possibly help in the classroom. 1. Project Based Learning-- The Buck Institute for Education has a plethora of information related to PBL. 2. This site provides a more focused research tool for students rather than simply using Google. If an access is required, please use discus2016 and success as username and password.
  • Have a great rest of the week!