The horribe plane crashes in September 11 2001

Twin Towers Crash

Twin Towers 9/11 At 7:30 there was a loud BOOM! What was it? A plane went right through one of the Towers. The plane was HiJacked and everyone in there died plus a lot of people who was up there on the Tower. Then the top of the tower caught on fire. A lot of people just thought it was an accident. Then 20 min. later an other plane crashed in the other Tower. Then people stared to get suspisous.... Then the first Tower collapsed then the second Tower collapsed. About 4,000 people died. Firefighters did too. Very sad moment.

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Pentagon Crash

pentagon crash

Then when everyone thought it was over....a plane crashed into the Pentagon which is a big office buliding. Thousands of people inculding the people on the flight died. Very sad.

Field Crash

Then when you thought it could not get any worse there were a plane heading for the white house the plane operator told the people on the plane to take over so they took the plane from the terriost and crashed it into a open field which was in Shanksville,Pennyslvania. Again everyone on board died. Sad but at least it did bot crash into the white house, very brave people

By Primula Stonebraker