Technology Tidbits

Be willing to take risks.


1. Ways to use:

- Calendar: school, class, parents, or students

- Assignments

- Quizzes

- To-Do lists

- Discussions

- Research projects

2. All students and staff have access through district email

3. Parents will also have access if they are in PowerSchool

4. Can access from any computer

5. User friendly

6. Already in use with middle school and high school

7. There will be requirements in the 15-16 school year

8. This is the year to get our feet wet and try something new

Please, ask questions! We are learning together. :)

Canvas Professional Development

Microsoft 365

  1. Any type of Microsoft document can be saved on 365
  2. It can be accessed anywhere (home, school, Starbucks)
  3. Office will open with the online version but can be switched
  4. Documents can be shared with any one, and others are able to edit or view
  5. Benchmark data spreadsheets will be on 365
  6. Students can receive 3 Microsoft licensees and teacher can for $10

Easy access and easy to use!

Guaranteed to make your life easier.

Moby Max

1. Common Core aligned

2. Can assign lessons specific to student needs

3. Students can access at home

4. Great for interventions

5. All subject areas covered

6. Kids earn badges and game time

7. Progress can be send to parents

8. Easy for students to use

9. Powerschool will generate your roster for you each school year

10. Technology mixed with common core!

Amazing tool!