Virtual Websites for SHS Students

Students Can Read at Home!


You will be able to access the following websites and access thousands of book titles to read books at home on your own device.

Just right click on any of the sites and start reading today.

You may also take Accelerated Reader tests!!!! Please be sure and check before you read a book to make sure there is a test on it!

Junior Library Guild

JLG @ Home: Reading Resources

Looking for activities and resources to keep students engaged during this new-normal of school closures and social distancing? As the collection-development partner for school and public libraries across the nation, it's our honor to offer you these free resources to help keep students' brains busy and blossoming.

In the true spirit of our beloved libraries, these resources are available to ALL!


  1. 1. Click the school-level book stream of your choice from above: Elementary, Middle School, High School.
  2. 2. Ignore the Personal Account Sign-In box at the top of the page—just scroll down to the books and get started. You can even click the “X” in the top right corner of the sign-in box so that it goes away.
  3. 3. Simply click on a book to go to its page, then click the “Read” or “Play” button to begin reading/listening. Audiobooks are designated with a headphone icon on the lower right corner of the book cover; ebooks are designated with a tablet icon on the lower right corner.
  4. 4. If an audiobook fails to play, check your browser. Audiobooks will not play in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

More tips

  • • All books in the streams are multi-user, meaning an unlimited number of readers can access them at the same time.
  • • A selection of titles will expire at the end of each month, so watch for the “Leaving Soon” banners to appear on the cover art. But, don’t worry—new titles will automatically be added to the streams at that time, too!
  • • The Search feature will bring up titles that are not available to be read. These titles are not currently in the streams and cannot be accessed. Only books with the “Read” or “Play” buttons are the books available to read.

Amazon Audio Books for Free

More Websites with Free Books to Read

Want to take an Accelerated Reader test at SHS?

If you want to take an AR test, simply follow the link above to the website our SHS students always use. Log in with same user and password you have used all year.

Renaissance Read at Home Site

Please access the site using the following logon for thousands of books to read online:

School name: Read at Home

Username: readnow

Password: myon