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Team News

Unfortunately, our BA/Developer Luis is off to pastures new, so your iLiCiT team now consist of Nimesh, Alexis, Sen, Mariandi and Josh

Ongoing Projects


CiT has reached new heights, with over half a million logins per month.

We have added some new cool functionality, such as announcements. We are also working on a new permissions piece, to simplify how permissions work within the tool, making it easy for assignment, authorisation and access.

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Pending a final sign-off from FIS, Knugget is ready to be rolled out. We have completed and released things from a technical perspective, so once we get sign off we can roll it out quickly.

We currently have content being uploaded to ensure Knugget is usable from day 1. We need some Knugget champions to filter and upload these documents, so let us know if you want to get involved.

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Our pricing scenarios app is now in UAT. For more information on Pricely, or how to join the UAT programme, head here
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Our most exciting product of 2015! Time is set to change the way employees at Capco create and submit timesheets. We plan to harness the useful information contained within CiT and PeopleSoft, to generate timesheets for users automatically, saving them time and reducing revisions.

We have just kicked off the first Sprint of the application. Stay tuned for updates.

Hello You

Our very own sign in app on the reception iPad is changing. Following new security directives we have connected a printer and written some extra functionality to print out a visitor's badge after signing in.

Look out for these new security passes.


Our API is in progress. We have completed the fundamentals and have started working on a few endpoints so Knugget can use the data from CapInTouch. Once these endpoints are done, we will be able to create more for other applications that need this data, such as Pricely and Time
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update

iLiCiT Team