Japanese Immigration

By: D'Asia Perry & Zeph Wall


The Japanese immigration began in the 1880’s. They came over to America looking for jobs in the sugar plantations.


Coming to the United States the Japanese immigrants came for peace and prosperity, leaving an unstable homeland they came to the U.S for a better life even though it mean't a lot of working in the fields but it gave them a chance to provide for their families.


They got to America by setting out on a boat from Yokohama which is one of the second largest city's in Japan to go to Hawaii.

Laws and Policies

There were not many law because of where the Japanese immigrants settled in the US. The land was not yet claimed as part of American territory.

Members In the Group

On the Journey to America,153 Japanese migrants came along the trip to Hawaii.

How the U.S received the Japanese immigrants

The Japanese were treated really bad by Americans and discriminated by the way they looked and their cultural beliefs. Also Americans were afraid that the Japanese immigrants would take away jobs from them.


They Japanese settled of the coast of Hawaii in 1868.


They where labor workers coming from japan off of boats most of them went to work in sugar plantations.

Contributions the group made to the United States and its culture

It increased the farming production in the west and expanded farming labor. Different states took advantage of the labor.

Influence the group had on their homelands

Most Japanese immigrants came for a new start and the escape of Japanese government, they looked for better futures for their kids and sought financial gain. Others were sent by the Japanese government to farm and ship back to Japan.


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