Earth Day!

How can you help the Earth?

History about Earth Day

What if everything was gone. No flowers, bees, trees, or even grass. What would happen? Well in 1962, Gaylord Nelson wanted to do something to protect the environment. The work that Nelson started was what led to Earth Day. Nelson found out that not a lot of people cared about the environment and problems like deforestation, the ruining of trees. Nelson went to Washington D.C. to try to convince President John F. Kennedy to stand up for environmental destruction. President didn't hear about Nelson for a long time but when he did he sent out a five-day, 11-state conservation tour in September 1963. Even though it wasn't a success , Nelson wasn't ready to give up. ''The idea that became earth day occurred to me while on a conservation speaking tour out west in the summer of 1969''. Gaylord died on July 3, 2005.But his ledge goes on and encourages others to go out and help with earth Day.

Fun Facts

  • The average American person produces four ponds of garbage a day. Over the course of a year, that is about 1,600 pounds of garbage per person.
  • The recycling rate has increased from 10% in 1980 to 34% in 2011.
  • Only 9% of the 32 million tons of plastic from 2011 was recovered and recycled.
  • It takes approximately 1 million years to break down a glass bottle in a landfill.
  • By recycling 1 ton of paper, we can save enough energy to heat a home for six months.

Some ways to have fun and recycle

Play a game were you have to find anything that can be recycled and the person who gets the most in the end wins!
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