Jan 9,1857 San Francisco

Fort Tejon Earthquake 1857

Jan 9,1857 Huge Earthquake hits CA

On Jan 9,1857,a 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Fort Tejon hit CA.The largest earthquake ever,it was larger than the 2011 Tsunami.2 people died and many were injured.The reason of the drastically low death count is the scarceness of CA at the time.Now being the most populated state,today the Fort Tejon earthquake would have killed over 1 million people.

More Smore on the Disaster

The earthquake itself is supposedly the most powerful California earthquake ever.At 7.9 magnitude,it killed 2 people due to the scarce population of California.It set the surface off 9 meters and was over 350 km long.

Transform boundary type dubbed most dangerous

The transform type is the one that initially caused Fort Tejon.It causes plates to rub against each other violently and cause earthquakes.The San Andreas fault in CA is a main factor in the CA earthquakes.

The Transform Picture

This is the transform boundary.It is along the Pacific and North American plates.
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