DartmouthX Update

July 11, 2014

This online newsletter is the first in a series of bi-weekly updates to keep you informed about what's going on with the DartmouthX project. The newsletter is produced by the project management team - we hope you find it helpful!

DartmouthX Courses, Teams and Activities

Environmental Sciences (February 1, 2015)

Andy Friedland (faculty)
Emily Lacroix
Mike Goudzwaard
Barbara DeFelice
Mike Murray

  • Team kickoff session was held on June 26; team is meeting weekly.
  • Current work is focused on developing a course outline and work schedule.

Structural Engineering (Spring, 2015)

Vicki May (faculty)
Adrienne Gauthier
Janifer Holt

Jay Beaudoin

  • Team kickoff session will be scheduled in late July.

Intro to Opera (2015)

Steve Swayne (faculty)
Mike Goudzwaard
Pat Fisken
Dan Maxell Crosby

  • Team kickoff session pending.

19th Century American Literature (2015)

Don Pease (faculty)
Jed Dobson (faculty)
Ashley Kehoe
Laura Braunstein
Others (TBD)

  • Team kickoff session pending.

DartmouthX Course Kickstart Process

Once the team membership for a DartmouthX course is defined, a kickoff meeting will be scheduled with the team. At this meeting, team logistics and roles are discussed and agreed upon, such as how often and where the team will meet, how team information will be shared, and who will play the team lead/coordinator role.

Soon after the initial course team kickoff meeting, a "design jam" will be scheduled with the course team. This is an all-day, onsite, working session, facilitated by Mark Rudnick, our edX program manager.

The purpose of the "design jam" is to have a detailed discussion with the course team about the design, content and delivery of the course. The outcome of the session will be a list of the work that needs to be completed in order to deliver the course, and a rough schedule for doing so.

Subsequently, Mark and his edX colleagues will be available to participate remotely in team meetings, as needed, to provide guidance and information as the course team determines how best to meet the course objectives.

Other DartmouthX News

A Communications Group is forming to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for the DartmouthX courses. Initially, this group will be comprised of Justin Anderson, Barbara Knauff, Susan Zaslaw and a representative from Alumni Relations. One of the first communication tasks will be to create a website about our DartmouthX courses - stay tuned!

Upcoming Events

BUx (Boston University) Visit - Lunch Discussion

Thursday, July 24th, 12-1:30pm

Baker Treasure Room

The Digital Learning Initiatives (DLI) team from Boston University will be visiting Dartmouth to talk about their edX experiences. Please join us for an informal, candid conversation with the DLI team about creating and delivering online courses using the edX platform. This event will be our monthly DartmouthX team get together for July (as discussed at the DartmouthX kickoff meeting).