The Taj Mahal

By:Christopher A Diaz Garcia


The Taj Mahal is a big building that was named One Of the Seven Wonders of the world.The Taj Mahal took a lot of work to built .From the outside is made out white marbale .

What was it built!!

To start with, the mausoleum magnificent. Had the thirteenth tombs of Mumtaz and Shah children Shah Johan built it for her wife and she is also her tombs is in the mausoleum an it was made after her wife.And also it his husband is also in the mausoleum.

Materials thay used and how was it built?????

The taj mahal was constructed with many different mandated also.Was made white marble,lapislazu,jade,crystaoland turquol emagen all that and also 1000 elefants aiso over 20,000 sudras help to built that fabules muslus can you bilvile that!! Do you think that I might took a loooong time to built????

Taj mahal today

Last but not least DO NOT TELL THIS TO NO WHONEin 2001over 2 million in total came to seethe one of all THe taj Mahal people visit in Octover,November,and Febuerary because it is cooler.It is open at 6:00 to 7:00 in Weekdays


THe Taj Mahal ....... the ginnormess building and it is call the World best malsaolem cbu ool to go thire but it tok a lot of work tobuilt it and it is spien dd and you would you go thire????//