By: Jack young , Drew Albright, Jacob Byerly, Landry Caver


Overfishing is the over gathering, catching, or stocking of fish. Overfishing can create permanent damage to aquatic habitats and food chains around the world. Many marine ecologists say that overfishing is the greatest threat to ocean ecosystems today. The FAO says that over 70% of fish species are "fully exploited" to the dangers of overfishing.

Dangers of Overfishing

The annual total weight of fish caught is 124 metric tons.That is the same as the weight of 340 empire state buildings. Many fishers do not obey the correct fishing methods and laws that prevent overfishing. Many times, illegal fishing is not caught or reported. Industrial fishing is the most dangerous kind of fishing, within 10-15 years of overfishing by industrial companies can wipe out 1/10 of the fish and aquatic wildlife population. Due to this, we are losing species of fish which puts many aquatic ecosystems in risk of collapsing and dying.

How Overfishing affects us

Fish aren't the only thing being affected by overfishing. Entire food webs are being destroyed and torn down due to overfishing. The increasing market value of aquatic animals is causing industrial fishers to do even more damage. Although industrial fishing can cause a lot of problems in ecosystems, recreational fishing can destroy habitats and affecting aquatic environments. Many modern fishing methods used recreationally are very destructive. We all can help the issue of overfishing by taking our own safety precautions when fishing.

How we can Help

Although this seems like a large problem that cannot be fixed we can all do something to help. Make sure that we know and are following safe catching and releasing limits. We need to make sure that we are not doing anything to destroy or disturb their habitats. We can all make a difference and do something to stop overfishing and make a better world.
The Effects of Over fishing